Can heavier folks do pull-ups?

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One of the great truisms about another great, great (possibly one of the BEST and GREATEST) exercises out there, the pull-up – – is this – – that the heavier you are, the tougher it gets.

In fact, I wouldn’t be lying to tell you that even 10 lbs or so of excess flab on your midsection makes it that much harder for you to pump out pull-ups – – and I mention this repeatedly in BOTH my courses on pull-ups.

In short, if you want to get good at pull-ups – – you better drop the excess flabbage! 

And if you see someone cranking out pull-ups for reps, and high reps at that without fatigue, then you KNOW the guy has high levels of strength and fitness – – as well as incredible core strength and is at the right bodyweight for his size.

But, all that being said, let me throw a bit of a spanner into the works today!

While the rule is always a rule, there are always notable exceptions to the rule in any field, and pull-ups – – or that other old favorite, handstand pushups are NO different, my friend.

Back when I was on the heavier side – – in fact, at times when I was no less than 20-25 kgs over my “fighting weight”, I’d still do pull-ups!

I’d do them slow and hard – – in proper form – – and while I wasn’t quite cranking out 100’s of reps per workout, I was doing 50 plus pull-ups even back then on many a workout day – – which at that bodyweight, and given the volume of pushups – – and handstand pushups I pumped out even at that weight – – was no easy or mean feat.

Folks would often look at me in amazement as I’d not only just do the pull-up – – but PAUSE at the top portion of the movement – – and then complete the rep.

(That by the way is one of my pull-up secrets; I’ve just given it away to you for FREE!).

Ditto for the handstand pushup. In fact, I wrote the initial Shoulders like Boulders book when I was at a weight way over what I prefer – – just to show you that a) there are NO excuses when it comes to working out and b) YES, heavier people can do’em, and build plenty of strength and muscle while they’re at it!

And I’m certainly not the only one – but back to pull-ups – and heavier people.

I’ve often mentioned Doug Hepburn, old time Canadian strongman and athlete – someone who I greatly admire – and someone who had strength in SPADES.

Someone who truly had them BattleTank Shoulders we all want (he features on the cover for a very good reason as well!).

This man would pump out set after set of FREESTANDING handstand pushups while working on the beach. This man would do handstand pushups for REPS – an d SETS – between dipping bars – – at a bodyweight of around 300 lbs – – in proper form!

And if that isn’t mind boggling enough, he’d do chin-ups galore.

Not just one, or two – or twenty. He’d do countless reps of the chin-up along with the other bodyweight stuff he did – – and given he did ’em at that bodyweight – – was it any wonder he achieved the strength feats he did?

And it wasn’t just him either. Paul Anderson, “world’s strongest man” would often do weighted pull-ups.

Good ole Arnie – the “gubernator” as it were, was no slouch in these either. He’d swear by wide grip pull-ups – – done for tons of reps – – and weighted pull-ups at that.

And if there’s ever an exercise combo that’ll build them MASSIVE, barndoor like “battletank shoulders” you’ve always wanted – – it involves the TWO exercises I’ve mentioned above, but done a certain way, and in a certain combo.

For a specific number of sets/reps. Done the way the oldtimers trained.

Done in a NO MERCY, take no prisoners style – – and I’ve brought you exactly THIS style in Battletank Shoulders, my friend – – a course that will truly floor even the most advanced of either bodyweight or weight training enthusiasts.

This course will truly make MEN out of boys – – and if you’ve got concerns about upper body strength – – or muscle power – – you can kiss those concerns goodbye once you start working on the exercises I’ve mentioned therein.

There truly is no other course out there that’ll set you on the path to becoming a human “tusker” – – or battletank, if I might say so.

Grab it right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, it’s that darn good. Yes, the exercises ARE that darn effective, and yes, slightly heavier people can work up to doing them too! Here is that link again then, my friend –

P.S #2 – And no, NONE of this is an excuse to be fat either. If you’ve got excess flabbage around the midsection, combine the above with a healthy dose of “Eat More – Weigh Less” – – and you’ll be on your way to a sleek midsection shortly as well along with the above.

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