My daughter – the “bodybuilder”
- She could probably give a lot of 'em a run for their money!

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So, just came back from a jaunt in a park near where I live – had a great, great workout with tons of pull-ups, pushups and dips mixed in – and of course, moonlight sprints as I mentioned in a previous email!

So there I am, moseying along home – and what do I see all of a sudden?

Well, there’s another (sorry excuse of a, I have to say!) park very near where I live – – and there was some sort of a celebration of some nature going on therein.

I know not what the exact occasion was – or perhaps I do – it’s something referred to as “Karvachauth” – and the celebration was apparently an actual precursor to the actual festival on Saturday, which apparently has something to do with wives not eating dinner until they sight the moon, or some such belief.

Mystical indeed are the ways of the world, and especially the festivals (and numerous Gods and Goddesses in India) – but hey, all boils down to BELIEF, doesn’t it?

Much like folks in the West have a BELIEF that going to church etc is the right thing to do (for those that believe) – this particular festival is about “wishing the husbands well”, good luck etc – but only if one follows the belief of eating AFTER the moon’s up.

Yours truly of course has very little idea about any of this – my wife told me this a few days ago – I’m merely narrating it back to you!

Anyway – on to what I DO KNOW.

So I see my daughter in the park, literally running my wife ragged (and she’s no slouch in the running department). 

That’s the great thing about kids – or at least my kid – full of energy, and always ready to run around the place and raise hell as opposed to stuff her face all day long in the dumb phone – which – UNFORTUNATELY! – is what the vast bulk of kids do these days.

Childhood obesity is as big a problem here in India as it is in China, and my daughter’s one of the few remaining trim kids – or should I say NORMAL kids.

There’s this old fangled belief in India – as in china – that “fat kids” equals prosperity, and while I might agree in days bygone – this doesn’t hold true any more!

Anyway, so this park had a mini outdoor gym set up – replete with “old man” versions of the crappy machines you see in the gyms.

You know the ones I refer to, don’t you?

Those awful yellow caricatures that pass as “machines of some nature” – which seem to attract geriatrics from miles away, and if that is all they’d attract, it would be a GOOD thing.

Instead, we find people of all ages sitting on them and fooling themselves into thinking they’ve got in a good workout by working on machine which – get this – doesn’t even get one’s heart rate up a tad bit even after a HUNDRED or so reps on any of them.

My daughter, of course, is 5 years old, and she was having FUN on the machines – especially the “chest press”.

And as she was doing her best imitation of a pumped up bodybuilder, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing – with her, as she joined in the merriment – as a couple of ‘roid heads posing near the machines looked on in annoyance.

The axiom “garbage in garbage out” comes to mind when I see people working on all these machines – and is it any wonder that these folks have been “exercising” for ages, and yet see NO IMPROVEMENT in their health or fitness levels?

Judging by the number of saggy butts, drooping chins, turkey necks, and LARD ASSES on display – gorging on all sorts of unhealthy junk food – and going back for seconds, thirds and fourths – while trying to barter the price down with the seller – ’twas indeed a celebration – for some people.

‘Tis indeed “garbage in garbage out” as well – not in terms of just food – but working out as well.

Not for me though. I’ll take my deserted park and moonlit sprints any day of the week!

Anyway, great thing was my daughter didn’t just get a fab workout in pushing and pressing them machines – she actually ran off to monkey bars to show off her pull-up skills – of her own accord!

And being I’ve NEVER once asked her to do pull-ups – this can only be a good thing – and thats what I mean by kids following their parents example.

Set a good example. If you follow the garbage in, garbage out axiom (and believe me, DIET and ridiculous forms of exercise are the prime reasons most folks get a big FAT ZERO from their training) – then chances are excellent and second to none your young ‘un will follow the same habits.

Set a GOOD example – and your kids will follow suit.

And that, my friend, is one of the best things you can do – not just for your kids – but for modern day society in general!

Alright, my friend. Thats it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjeee

P.S. – I taught my daughter several tips straight out “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” a few days ago, and looks like she hasn’t forgotten even one of ’em. ‘Tis indeed a sight to see this little girl hanging on to the bar for dear life – and TRYING – more than adults would even THINK OF – and then DOING the pull-up! I’m ONE “proud papa” indeed tonight – and in case you’re wondering what these tips, and if they’ll work for you – heck yes they will – and here is where you can find out what they are – –

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