More on the Eye of the Tiger!
- Maintain those ferocity levels no matter WHAT!

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A few weeks ago, I spoke about having the Eye of the Tiger – and why this is so vitally important to success in any endeavor – anything that MEANS something to you.

That post is well worth a read – and a re-read – and then some – and today I’ll talk a bit more about that.

In the movie Rocky III, you see a “successful” Rocky sitting in his mansion arguing with his manager about why “ole Micky” won’t train him for the upcoming fight against the uber aggressive “Clubber Lang” (Mr. T – and if you’ve seen that montage of him training in the movie, and haven’t been inspired to jump off the couch and go train yourself – well – I don’t  know WHAT will inspire you in that regard!).

And after a lot of cajoling, and determined questioning by the champ, who can’t figure out what is so special about Clubber, Mickey tells Rocky the reason he isn’t training him is because Rocky “doesn’t have it any more”.

“He’s just another fighter”, Rocky responds, a touch petulantly, and certainly a touch too “overconfident” too if you get my drift, and if you see the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

No he ain’t just another fighter!!“, yells Mickey back with sheer conviction that pauses Rocky in his tracks.

“The other guys you fought were good fighters – but this guy – he’s a killer! He’ll  knock you into tomorrow, Rocky!”

And then he drives the point home even more relentlessly.

“This guy is HUNGRY! Hell you ain’t been hungry since you won that title!”

And then Rocky asks him if the previous fights were setups and Mickey responds in the negative.

“No they werent setups – – they was good fighters, but they weren’t THIS guy!” – and again, if you see the look in Mr T’s eyes in the movie, you’ll know exactly what I BE talking about here, hehe.

He goes on to state that Rocky was wild – DETERMINED – and had that X factor when AIMING for the title, but once fame, riches – and MARRIAGE came about, well, he “got civilized”, as Mickey put it. 

In other words, he LOST the eye of the tiger – the very thing that had made him so successful in the first two bouts he had with Creed.

And I should know, my friend.

If I look back at the times (such as now) that I was the fittest I’ve ever been – the leanest – the MEANEST – and in the sort of shape that caused people to tell me “You’re in excellent shape! I didn’t even hear you breathing!”  – it was always when I was SINGULARLY focused on my fitness goals to the EXCEPTION of all else!

When I was unfit – or otherwise unable to accomplish what I wanted, it always boiled down to lack of focus and related “annoyances”.

And often times, it was when I was with family – or had other pressing engagements – or had, like I said, other “things” that were keeping me from achieving that SINGLE minded focus I was after in terms of my goals.

It has always been China – that one country that has been kind to me in many regards where I’ve done MOST of my writing – created most, if not all of my products – and got the fittest I’ve ever been – and there is a reason for that.

Anyway, why do I say this again?

Well, simply this – a lot of times those of us that are married – or perhaps living with “partners” somehow end up losing focus on what is important – and maintaining that laser sharp focus.

In terms of fitness, you “give in” to the temptations to eat that chocolate cake your partner baked last night.

Or perhaps the temptation to sleep in and FORGET your workout for the day. After all, you’re too tired. After all, you need to “spend quality time with your partner”.

In terms of goals, you “put off” the work you had to do today with regard to that goal. If it was a writing goal, you figure you’ll “just do it tomorrow”.

After all, the honey do’s – and the kids – and the emails – and the T.V. – and everything else in between is clamoring for your attention too!

And so forth. There is a reason, my friends, as to why I did not have a T.V. in China and don’t right now at the house I’m in.

While that decision hasn’t been a popular one with my family, it’s allowed me to focus much more than I could or would if I had a TV blaring all day long in the background.

Now, being married – or “civilized” – or having kids – or other duties isn’t a bad thing at all. Life shouldn’t be all about training (unless you’re Clubber Lang looking to win the prized Championship Title, of course) – training should be about enhancing your life!

But here’s the point – to maintain those laser sharp, razor like levels of fitness and strength, you’ll have to workout accordingly.

For those of you that are married, it means you become a “single dog” during your workouts. For those with tons of other pressing stuff to do, it means you “move to another planet” during your workout. And so forth.

Whatever it is – it can WAIT for the duration of your workout. When you workout, you WORKOUT – and do, or THINK of nothing else at all!

You maintain the eye of the tiger – and while you might or might not choose to become civilized at the end of it all, and indeed even before it, those times when you workout are when you unleash the inner beast within you – the inner TIGER as it were.

You approach each workout as if it were the LAST.

You do each pull-up with UNBRIDLED ferocity – and always aim for higher!

You complete each sprint – and then are RARING to go again!

And so forth. Key takeaway from this email is this – and it’s not just related to fitness – it’s related to ANY GOAL you pursue – MAINTAIN the eye of the tiger, my friend.

Don’t just maintain it – nurture it. Keep the fire burning within. Don’t brook no excuses. Keep GOING and keep a “blast past all obstacles” attitude as you did in your hey day – when you were raring to go after any goal!

Adopt this attitude when working out, and you’ll soon see your gains skyrocket past your wildest imaginations, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

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