“I really need lose weight because I suffer from diabetes.”
- If you ever needed a good reason to lose weight - and get fit - here is one!

Dear Reader,

One of the great things about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is this – that while you DO and WILL lose oodles of weight on the System – the benefits extend far beyond that.

I recall writing to y’all about my liver issues many years ago – elevated liver levels and “bilirubin” levels (to be precise) due to a variety of issues – this being a concern that affects a lot of people in today’s world.

True, there were many reasons for my condition at the time – and one of the reasons was GENES – but hey, my eating – drinking – and other habits weren’t helping as well.

Neither were the excess 20 or so extra kgs (sometimes more) that I was carrying around …

Sure, I worked out regularly even back then. Sure, I’d do pull-ups, pushups – and all that – albeit not for high reps as I do now (that’s a tip right there for y’all!).

BUT – internally – the damage was being done – and this damage was ONLY reversed once I lost a lot of weight – and did it the right way along with the deep breathing I so highly recommend.

Believe me, I tried everything at a certain point – including pounding the pavement – which while it DID help me lose a bit of weight – didn’t help a lick in terms of my medical issues – which by the way are all a thing of the past now.

I still remember my father looking at me when I was around 22 or so and remarking “You may die by the age of 30 if this keeps up!”

And whether or not he really meant that I know not – – but I know THIS – – that one statement again (much as I’ve written to you before) did something for me – sparked something inside of me – that was not there before – that being BELIEF.

I KNEW deep down inside I was NOT going to die – or even close to it – by the age of 30. I KNEW I was going to beat my weight and health issues – and did I?!

You be the judge!

Belief, my friend – is truly what it is ALL about – and with all that in mind, let’s look at a recent convo I had with “A” (I’ll call him “A” for the sake of privacy) …

I really need lose weight because I suffer from diabetes. And in the recent times I cannot control it — A

My response beneath –

Exercise is key #1 to losing that weight buddy – along with the deep breathing and some of the exercises I promote. If you work out the right way – weight loss issues will be a thing of the past – and I should know – as stated on my site and pages – I’ve been there, and then some!

Get the System.

Not only will it provide you with a plethora of exercises/workouts you can do right in your living room – but you’ll also soon discover just how rapidly the pounds will fly off! Best of luck – and keep me posted on your progress!

Now, I know not if he’s actually bought the System as yet- I haven’t checked the sales report for the day as yet – but he did thank me – and I’m sure he’ll take my advice on board.

We’ll see – – and that’s today’s missive, my friend. A powerful, powerful one indeed – and one YOU would do well on take on board too if you’re having weight related health issues – as many of us are!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, stay tuned for another great missive coming up shortly from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ – this one to do with a special “secret” – a WEIGHT loss SECRET – something you can DRINK – and watch the pounds fly off as quickly (or if at all) they pile on. I’ll be writing on this shortly – but for now – if you haven’t already – make sure to grab the System right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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