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Dear Reader,

It’s often been said that the first thing one notices about a man in terms of “first impressions” is his grip.

A firm solid (this is different from “strong”) grip to me signifies that I’m talking to a MAN – a MAN who is likely dependable – trustworthy – and a man that is probably good to do business with as well.

Of course, this isn’t to say that a “bone crushing” grip is required. It’s not to say that one should approach every new contact with the intention of crushing his – or her – fingers … and it’s certainly not to say that there aren’t a fair share of “shysters” around with a strong grip.

But the point stands – and remains. A firm, solid handshake inspires confidence in a man – there just ARE no two ways about it.

And unfortunately the one (or I should one amongst many) things the modern day man does NOT have in general is a strong grip. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve encountered the “limp fish” handshake –  or a weak, “uninspiring” clammy sort of grip – and thus forth – as opposed to what I’d like to encounter when meeting another man.

Apart from the constant comments and questions I get about “if I go to the gym” and “broad shoulders” – and so forth – one common question is this – Just HOW did you get that rock solid grip of yours, Rahul?

How did you build a grip that strong – and – as an ex-Marine put it recently – how on earth did you get that “kung fu like pull” to your grip?

All of these questions of course are sparked further by the fact that genetically and physically speaking I’m the LAST guy you’d think would have a strong grip.

I’m the LAST guy you’d thin would have a bone crushing grip – or strong fingers. My hands are tiny – and my wrists despite years of training aren’t as big as you might imagine.

Ditto for the rest of my body – upper body included – and yet – I’ve got a bonafide gorilla grip which few regular folks can match – and I say that not to brag, but just to state a fact.

I’ve stated the story about how I almost got my right hand literally CRUSHED into pieces – an injured right hand at that – by a guy who probably knew better, but didn’t care two hoots.

I’ve also told you the story of how that same right hand is the one that I fell out of a running bus on at the age of 17  – – and BOTH those incidents, combined with the “pitying” (or disparaging, I should say) looks the Doc gave me when taping the wrist up stuck in my mind.

And from that point on, I made up my mind to get good – very good at building my GRIP – before anything else – which wasn’t a bad decision to make at all.

Your legs and grip are literally the most important parts of your body to train – and though I did not quite know how to do it back then – – I had the most important part down pat – – which was BELIEF.

Belief, my friend is what makes things happen! 

Years later, here I am – sitting on not one, but two grip oriented training manuals – both immensely popular ones – a compilation – and of course, a whole host of other fitness ebooks and products, including the path breaking 0 Excuses Fitness System.

As Claude Bristol famously stated in the Magic of Believing,

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen.

And they would have for me much earlier than they did (grip wise) if I had taken – or even KNOWN the above bit when I first started.

All good in the hood tho – the end result is what counts – and it’s an end result YOU TOO, my friend can get.

Last night I had the most amazing pull-up workout out there – and part of the reason was my GRIP – and a few things I did while doing my pull-ups – all mentioned in the books, by the way – that really separated this workout from a lot of the others.

No, it has NOTHING to do with not using your thumbs – or “kipping” – or “stopping short of full extension” – or any of the other junk the “experts” advocate.

It’s got something to do with – hint – the TITLE of this post – see if you can guess it – and if you’re already an avid Gorilla Grip fan, you KNOW what it is!

Anyway, that is it for today. If you workout today – have a great, great one – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re at it, remember that (as I state in Gorilla Grip), a skyscraper is only as strong as it’s initial foundation. The same holds true for YOUR fitness. Build the foundation FIRST – right here –

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