Never bring a KNIFE to a gunfight
- More on eating more ... and truly weighing LESS!

Dear Reader,

Well, first off, happy thanksgiving to everyone on this list – or should I say happy POST thanksgiving, hehe.

Black Friday is on in FULL swing as I write this –  -and as for yours truly – – well, I’m sitting at home in my “PJ’s” as I type this to you.

Not for me the craziness and madness of queuing up for hours in line in front of Wally World – or Sam’s club – or Target (those stores that still ARE in operation) or whatever. None of the crazy punching and kicking that goes on over “deals” – on things you wouldn’t normally buy anyway!

I’d rather do my shopping online – from the comfort of home – with the click of a button, and so can YOU, my friend – and really, so SHOULD you!

The best gift is one that benefits you not just for the short term – but long term as well – and YES, while I’m unabashedly promoting my products here, it’s for good reason – and it’s TRUE as well.

You’ll grow out  (and back in, hehe) of clothes. You’ll get through the box of chocolates before you know it. The tee vee on “sale” ain’t gonna benefit you anyway. And so forth!

Anyway, back to bringing (or not) a knife to a gunfight.

Last year I went on vacation to Khajjiar, a lovely little hamlet tucked away in the Himalayas – and one of my favorite  places to visit by far in the whole world.

I’ve written before, of course, about how I enjoy the Himalayas more than almost anything in the world.

And I’ve written galore about Qi Feng, and the stories I’ve accumulated working out in that mountain park as well!

If there were truly two places that define what sort of lifestyle I LIKE – it is these two, but anyway, every time I went on vacation Khajiiar – I’d end up gaining more than a few pounds.

Sure, I’m genetically disadvantaged in that regard. Sure, Indian food, while spicy and TASTY can be extremely fattening (just look at the capital New Delhi and all the “tubbos” walking around if you don’t believe me) … but get this.

I was hiking hills for hours while on holiday. None of the “romping around in a car” holiday while on vacation for me.

I’ve never really understood the reason behind traveling to the mountains – and spending most, or ALL of the trip either in a car or ensconced in a hotel room. Beats the entire point to me – which is to get out in the fresh air and enjoy NATURE for what it is, but that doesn’t seem to be what the majority of folks believe in doing these days – sadly.

Anyway, every time I’d return from this sort of a vacation, my waistline would show signs of duress, to put it one way.

The bulging belly. The “gurgling tummy”. The rolls of fat on the lower back and so forth …a nd yet, here’s the best part – within a week, all of this was GONE – and then some.

How, you ask?

Well, I could of course “pimp” my 0 Excuses Fitness System here – and truth be told, if you’re just starting out, that System will have much the same effect on YOU as I’ve just mentioned above.

But when you’re tackling a big problem – that you gotta solve NOW – you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!

If you want to lose weight – and oodles of it – and do so at WARP speed – or light speed, hehe – then you BRING the ONE TOOL into your training regiment that will allow you to do so.

That being the “AK-47” of fitness, if I might say so – and in this case, that one product is Eat More – Weigh less.

The situation I’ve described above, of course, is probably one that sounds familiar to y’all as  you recover from the Thanksgiving  binging that most of y’all probably indulged in.

All good. Hey, ’twas a joyous, festive occasion and it happens – happened to me earlier this year during Chinese New Year as well – – and that was actually when I came up with the idea of Eat More – Weigh Less – after I walked into a restaurant and weighed myself – and saw that despite the merriment of the night before, I was literally weighing LESS!

I think it was like 0.4 kgs lost within the space of a few hours.

Multiply that by 24 – 48 – or even 96 … as I did before putting out this course, and you get the drift.

So for those of you that are currently battling the post thanksgiving BULGE – and gearing up for the Christmas festivities, there is NO better day than NOW to invest in Eat More – Weigh Less.

Not only will the pounds fly off almost as quickly as they appeared – but you’ll also be in prime shape for Christmas – and the associated “stuffings” etc, hehe.

The information in this course is SO valuable and  so potent are the exercise combos that I could literally offer this for more than a couple hundred bucks – or more – but I’m not. I’m offering it to you for less than a hundred bucks – a throwaway price if there ever was one.

Grab it now while stocks last – and while I’m offering it at the price I am – and write back about your tales of fat burning and waist whittling. I’ll share ’em with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with that, we’ve got several other products lined up for you at 0 Excuses Fitness headquarters. All of these make perfect gifts  – – and if you’re like me, and prefer to avoid the madness outdoors, well, get your holiday shopping done right HERE – –

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