Thoughts truly are THINGS!
- And backed up by intense desire, there is literally NOTHING the mind cannot accomplish!

Dear Reader,

Many many moons ago, I was a callow, skinny youth of 17 desperately trying to increase my overall strength levels as well as “build muscle” – not just to impress the girls which for whatever reason I never needed to – but also to stop getting “picked upon” by the bigger guys at school.

Though I went to a fairly decent school overall, it got ROUGH there – and skinny “upstarts” like me got the worst of it a lot of times.

I’ve written to you before, of course, about the nonsensical advice I’ve gotten many a times on building muscle.

“Pump 10 kg dumbbells for 15 minutes on each side”

“Run for 15 minutes at a slow pace”

And so forth. Yeah … right!

All advice from people that weren’t in the slightest bit, shape or form fit themselves. Never take sex advice from an eunuch – or, as happened to me in the park a couple of Sundays ago, advice on growing hair from a bald guy!

Or advice on fitness from those that clearly have no idea and haven’t ever done it themselves.

But back to thoughts.

What I wanted most at that age was a crushing GRIP – a grip that would make people FEEL it – and at that point came along the injury where I fell out of a running bus on a right hand – a hand that was plastered up shortly thereafter with  looks of “sympathy for the poor young lad” and then of course “crushed” in the vice like grip the tennis player I’ve written about gave me!

Today that same right hand is my STRONG point – and you know the status on the grip, don’t you! 

It’s no wonder that even my five year old daughter has taken to the Gorilla Grip concepts as a duck might to water – so deeply is the concept and importance of grip strength ingrained in my mind that it’s been passed along to hers as well and she believes in it as well.

Back when I first climbed the mighty HILL in 2004, I had NO – repeat – NO idea that ONE thought passing through my head would change my life forever.

As I limped back down the hill after that first climb (yes, I still remember how I felt!) I made a casual remark to my then girlfriend.

“What if I climbed this daily?” I thought out loud.

Immediately, my mind began to look for excuses as to why I couldn’t do this.

“Oh wait. I can’t do it. I’ve got to work until  later. Maybe the park will be closed.”

And so on and so forth, until this train of thought was stopped by a nigh imperious look from the lady I was with at the time.

She stared deep into my eyes, a deep, probing stare, and said three words.

“Yes, you can!”

Indeed I could – indeed I DID – and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Over the years, one way or the other I’ve always managed to gravitate back to the hill – and the ways in which this has happened many a times has been NOTHING short of astounding, my friend.

Back when I first started, I had zero idea it would turn into what it is today – but I DID have the THOUGHT first.

I had a thought of a global online business – and I had intense, white hot desire bubbling under that thought. That was all I thought about all day when I first started – and truth be told, although I’ve got several other biz interests as of now, 0 Excuses Fitness is always at the top of my mind – not to mention close to my heart as well!

Point of me telling you all this is this – as Napoleon HIll correctly said in Think and Grow Rich – Thoughts truly are THINGS!

Truly, thoughts are things, and their scope of operation is the world itself!

In terms of fitness, one can see straightaway how this applies.

My 100 pull-up accomplishment didn’t just “happen” out of the blue.

I had a thought of doing over a 100 pull-ups per workout one fine summer day in Southern China – and then I thought about the amount of strength and muscle I’d build this way – not to mention whittle my waist down even more.

I had an image in my mind too. Yes, THAT image I talk about on the sales page for the book on pull-ups – – THAT dude slowly going up and down while doing pull-ups, each muscle ETCHED out in a finely shaped back packed with dense slabs of muscle.

Today, I do pull-ups the same way myself – and get remarks etc directed at me accordingly.

It all started with a thought too – and THIS SAME PROCESS will work for you too, my friend!

In my coaching programs I deeply emphasize the value of THOUGHT and GOALS before I even put any of my clients on a coaching program.

It is of no use to simply “do the thing” without putting any deep thought and desire into it first!

Now, how does any of this relate to you, you might ask?

Well, good question – and simple. If you’re currently obese, and need to lose 50 pounds or more – well – first off, take solace in the fact you’re not alone.

When you first start the 0 Excuses Fitness program, your mind will be quick to tell you the bazillions of reasons as to why you CAN’T do things the way I advocate as opposed to affirmations in terms of “yes, you can!”.

Society in general has programmed our minds to find reasons to “not do the thing” as opposed to find reasons and ways to DO IT – and SUCCEED at it – and perhaps that is why so few people actually succeed at anything they start doing!

Block all that out, my friend. Have an image in your mind of what it is you want to accomplish – in this case, a NEW, FIT you – perhaps an you doing pull-ups galore – or pumping out hill climbs daily. Or whatever it is.

Have that image in miind – galvanize yourself with intense white hot desire – and get to work – and I promise you, the results will be nothing short of nigh spectacular!

Above all, and last, but not least, here is another Hill quote that is well worth remembering

Your big opportunity may be where you are right now. 

As I prepare to return to mainland China, and climb my beloved HILL once more, this is a thought well worth remembering!! It’s something that has proven true for me over the years, and it’s an universal truth you would do well to emblazon into your mind as well.

Well, my friend, that is IT for now. I’ll be off to China shortly – so the next time you hear from me, it’ll be from mainland China.

Merry Christmas to all reading this – here’s to a happy, joyous and festive holiday season!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll be working on the details for my Christmas sale ” by and by”. Keep your eyes peeled on that one!

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