Bodyweight exercises that burn fat – FAST
- Fry fat off your frame quicker than you could ever put it on with these routines!

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Dear Reader,

This afternoon I was out there on the hill doing a series of bodyweight calisthenics that not only caused onlookers to gape in astonishment – but also resulted in more than a few murmurs of “Hao li Hao” (Mandarin Chinese for “excellent” – or a colloquial for it, at any rate).

I’ve mentioned a few of these in my emails before, and I’ll mention one in particular here, but for now, something that bears mentioning is this – so devastatingly effective was my routine today – that 5-10 minutes of it was all it took in terms of upper body work.

I normally get in plenty of pull-ups after a hill climb, but my arms were fixing to fall off after rep #50 this afternoon – and for someone that bangs out 100’s routinely, well, you can tell just how solid of a workout I got in BEFORE I started my pull-ups.

Not to mention the fat burning effect these workouts have on me – and you, as well, if you do ’em.

It’s cold out here – and while it’s not as bone chillingly cold as it was a day or so ago, it’s still plenty cold, and I was literally DRIPPING with sweat and panting like a runaway locomotive as I went through my workout.

All of this, mind you, coming from a guy whose USED to these routines. Sure, I did much more difficult variants today but still – if there is ever a better testament to the efficacy of the exercises I promote in this regard (most specifically in Eat More – Weigh Less) – then I’m yet to see it.

On the way up to the top of the hill, a friendly security guard who climbs this hill daily too stopped midway.

“Tui Tong”, he said, grabbing his thighs during a particularly tough section of the climb.

I grinned as I passed him by, nodding back at him.

“Man man”, I responded. “Man yi dian” (go slow).

Anyway, one of the exercises I was doing out there and that I’ll tell you about here is the bear crawl – which along with the Hindu Squat is perhaps the best exercise there is, or close to it in terms of frying fat off your frame – and building MUSCLE – at record speeds.

Some of you might be saying “sprints” right about now. 

And if you are, well, I don’t blame you – but heres the thing – the above two exercises CAN be done by those way out of shape as well – although such folks will have to work up to them gradually – as opposed to sprints which require you to be in some sort of shape to begin with.

Man oh man, my lats are sore as I type this … and the bear crawl is one of those exercises, my friend that can be done on FLAT ground as well with much the same results.

You can go as slow as you want – a fact that by itself is a mind bender for those of us brought up to believe “it’s only quick that burns fat” – and if you don’t believe me – well – I have this to say – TRY IT!

And THEN, and only then, get back to me!

There are plenty of more exercises that will burn fat off your frame at record speed – exercises you can do anywhere.

One of these would be a much overlooked yet highly effective exercise which involves a “knees to chest” motion – and no, I’m not talking about doing these while hanging on to a pull-up bar!

This, and another great variant of the same movement is mentioned in Corrugated Core. Get up to the point where you’re banging out 250 plus of these per workout, and per set – and you’ll have that 12 pack you’ve been craving for so long!

And of course, no discussion on superlative bodyweight exercises would be complete without mentioning the Hindu Squat – and what’ll really shock you is the UPPER body and shoulder workout you’ll get once you get good at these!

Plenty more such exercises and routines are mentioned in the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System. Make sure to grab your copy TODAY if you haven’t already – right here –

Well, my friend, that is IT for now. I’ll be back later. Until then – adios – and if you workout today – make it an awesome one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.  – Here is the link for Corrugated Core again –


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