The most inspiring thing I saw on my 38th birthday
- And more on the power of daily repetition!

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Dear Reader

As this “old man” (as my daughter would have it, hehe) – or “that 25 year old” (as a few others would, haha) turns 38 today – he just got done with one of the very best workouts ever – a workout that took place first in my living room, spilled on over to the mountain – and then finished there.

Apt enough indeed as well. If there is ONE place I can lay claim to truly having enjoyed over the past few years – or more than that – and time I can say was truly well spent in “solitude” and “self meditation” (if that term makes any sense!) – it is the time I’ve spent working out here.

It is THIS area I came to when I was down – and needed support – and needed to BELIEVE.

It was the countless number of pull-ups and hill climbs (often as much as 4-6 times daily with no break) I did here that sparked all the books I’ve got out there now on fitness – knowledge that I’m sharing with you that has come from well and truly BEING IN THE TRENCHES!

It was this area where I’ve had the most enjoyable workouts of my life – and where an imperious “Yes, you CAN!” from Ann Lee (y’all remember her, eh?) sparked belief deep within my subconscious – which then sprung into action, and literally changed my entire life forever.

Yet today as I sit here feeling on top of the world after another great one, none of that is the reason I’m writing this to you – and none of it is the most inspiring thing I saw today as I prepare to welcome in my 38th year with joy, gratitude, and a spirit of ever lasting abundance.

It was not as cold outdoors today as it’s been for the past few weeks, but it’s been raining – drizzling, sort of.

Which means the weather here is cold and clammy – not quite the biting cold that had taken hold over the past week, but cold and clammy nonethless, the sort of “cold sticky” weather you do everything you can to avoid.

And the hill was pretty much deserted.

Yet, as I finished up my third climb of the day and stretched out – the bliss I felt coursing through my body can be compared to no other (in a way) – and then I saw something that truly inspired me even more.

I’ve written to you about the old man I met in China many times over, and with damned good reason. If there is ever an inspiration to those of you that would rather make excuses than train, it is THIS man.

He climbs that hill daily – come hail, come rain, sleet or shine – he’s there, and getting it DONE, my friend – and the results show. He don’t look a day over 50 and yet I bet he’s way over 70 to be honest!

As I finished up my stretches, I saw him coming up the hill.

That same slow, purposeful steady gait – not pausing to catch a single breath as he ascended the stairs – that same steady gaze I’ve got accustomed to, and that rock solid, cast iron gorilla grip he’s got.

And as he threw himself into a handstand at the end of it, I truly wanted to “doff my hat” – except I didn’t have a hat to doff at that point, hehe.

Truly inspirational, I’d say. As the rest of the world pisses and moans about getting older – and looking older than they are (and feeling that way) – here is a man that thinks the exact opposite way – and if there was ever a type of man we need more in today’s world, it’s the old man I met in China – and whom I continue to meet daily!

Yet another reason I mention this is the sheer power of doing something daily.

I care not HOW much you do daily – the main thing is you DO SOMETHING daily.

If you’re looking to get ahead at work, do something extra – or learn something related new EVERYDAY. Fitness wise, make sure to train EVERYDAY.

It doesn’t need to be a hard push. Some days, a light push is all you need – other days you go HARD – but it’s the steady REPETITION, the steady “tap tap tap” (if I may borrow a Claude Bristol term) that really wears down obstacles and gets to your ultimate goal, and KEEPS you there!

The bank account analogy I’ve mentioned before holds true too.

And while it’s all about BELIEF at the end of the day, you gotta back up that belief with solid ACTION, my friend.

Sitting around ain’t gonna get rid of them love handles, and neither will downing beers at the local pub saying “I’ll get it done tomorrow”.

And yet, once you have true belief  – you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body springs into action, my friend.

Today as I climbed the hill the first time and then descended, a thought struck me like a thunderbolt once I was down.

Did I even climb that hill fully? I don’t even remember being at the top!

So engrossed in my thinking was I that I actually “forgot” having climbed the hill – and so easy it is for me now that my physical body didn’t quite register it either.

Truly a case of being “lost in thought” in a nigh positive manner – – and I’ll talk about this later.

And of course, truly a case of … the power of daily repetition as well!!

Alright my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll sign off for now – y’all have a great day ahead, and if you workout today – – make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Belief is indeed what it’s all about. Along with belief, there are several other principles at work that will help you not only fitness wise – but LIFE wise as well. You truly DO owe it to yourself to read these 10 Commandments – and they’ve been laid out for you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE – –

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