“I haven’t seen you in a year. You’re much stronger!”
- ...twas actually a few months, but once you're on the right workout regimen ...!

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Dear Reader

So, if you’ve been following this merry go around (or should I say “conflagration of occurrences) that has been going on at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s for the last couple of weeks, you already know that I’ve been back in China a while now.

While my sojourn in India turned out to be way, way longer than I intended it to be – it was for the better in the long term.

Some of what I experienced during those months on the personal standpoint was probably what folks would term as less than desirable (I’m being polite there!) – but I’m a massive believer in the Napoleon Hill take on “there is always a silver living in every situation”.

I’ll quote the great man himself –

Every adversity, every heartache, every failure carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

While I wouldn’t necessarily classify the last few months as any or all of the above – shades of grey as it were – what I WILL say is this – what I learned over the last few months was worth way, way more than any amount of money I might or might not have – and while I wouldn’t want to go through some of what I did during the last few months (from a personal standpoint) – I am nigh grateful that I DID go through it.

I’ll quote Napoleon Hill again –

I would not wish to be again subjected to the experiences through which I passed during that fateful Christmas Eve in 1923, and since, on that eventful evening when I walked around the school house in West Virginia and fought that terrible battle with fear, but all the wealth in the world would not induce me to divest myself of the knowledge I have gained from those experiences.

You’ll have to read “Outwitting the Devil” for more on this – and I’ve actually spoken about this particular section of Hill’s life in emails prior to this, but for now, on to the main “meat” of today’s post!

So, ever since I’ve been back, folks have been commenting – and yesterday I met up with my water supplier – the guy who delivers them large buckets of water to my house.

I’m a bonafide water drinking maniac, as you might imagine, and I go through those 18 liter bottles pretty quickly.

So as the guy climbed up to the 5th floor where I live (no elevators!) with a large bottle in each hand – a superlative way to get a great GRIP and overall BODY workout in by the way – which is something I’ve mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – we met and shook hands.

And his grip, despite his daily job for some odd reason felt a lot weaker than it did last year.

And then it came.

“I haven’t met you in a year! You’re far stronger now!”

I smiled, and corrected him.

“Not a year. Seven months, perhaps a bit more, but not a year”.

He nodded. “Well, you’re certainly a lot stronger!”

And the reason I mention this?

Well, first to show you just how well the 0 Excuses Fitness System works – – even in a less than desirable environment for working out.

Back where I was in India I had NO hills. I did sprints galore, but finding a place to do them in that congested city was tough, tough and tougher.

I didn’t visit a gym – as I never do. I had to change my preferred time of working out (early afternoon) to late evening most of the time – and I did it – successfully.

And a lot more – and I still made gains – big time!

Grip wise, here is another key – the HIGHER your pull-up bar is located, the better grip workout – and overall pull-up workout you’ll get!

This may sound like a silly thing to say, but the pull of gravity is very real – try it yourself, and you’ll see.

And of course – this wouldn’t be complete without another ode to that great exercise – the PUSHUP.

In Gorilla Grip I mention I hadn’t done grip specific exercises for months prior to writing the course, and yet my grip was stronger than ever before. While this is hard for some folks to digest – and believe – it is NIGH TRUE – and if you do as Emerson once said i.e. DO the thing – then you too, my friend – will HAVE the power!

So that’s the news for today, my friend. If you workout today – make it a great, great one – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Here is where you can get your paws on the legendary fitness system that has been turning couch potatoes, lardasses and buffet molesters all over the globe into bonafide fitness MONSTERS – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – And if you want to know what this “almost 38 year old” does to look “like that 25 year old there” – well – HERE is where you can get your hands on the info – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

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