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Dear Reader,

As we charge along into the New Year, I’ll share an interesting conversation I had with a Face book contact last night – or part of it, at any rate, hehe.

I share this not just because what I had to say to this man will be immensely helpful for many of you reading this but also to reemphasize the value of the BASICS done right. Done right, the basics are literally all you need – and they benefit your entire body in ways that you’ll comprehend only after you actually DO the exercises.

And before I begin – disclaimer – as I state in all my books and courses, what is being said here isn’t intended to be taken as medical advice. That said, it’s probably way better than the “pill popping” prescriptions handed out galore by the good Doctors all over the globe …

On an unrelated note, I could never quite understand why folks keep their medicine kits at home full and stacked with all sorts of medicines at all times.

True, it’s always good to be prepared for emergencies, but curiously enough, it is these same people that are constantly afflicted with the sniffles – cold and cough – upset stomach’s – fever – and thus forth.

While I’m not against stocking a few basic essential in one’s cabinet, to pack it full with medicines regularly to me suggests one is preparing to “fall ill” – – as opposed to expecting health!

Yours truly NEVER has any medicines in his cabinet. Perhaps an antiseptic or two for unexpected cuts, but that’s about it – and guess what – I NEVER, EVER fall sick despite my extremely hectic schedule – and my “less than ideal” diet etc.

If anything, it’s the exact opposite. I’m a couple of days away from my 38th birthday – – and I was recently referred to as “that 25 year old I saw”!

If there’s ever a better testament to my workout routine and lifestyle in general (and bear in mind, you TOO can get the same benefits), I don’t know what it is!

With that in mind, and also what I said above, let’s dive in to the rest of today’s post.

What are the some of the best exercises to get in shape, Rahul? A tight body – but not like the gym breds. Am referring to freehand and bodyweight.

My response

The same thing I keep talking about in my posts. Brief, intense workouts that work the body as a whole – and get the heart pounding – BIG time!

Gym bodies are useless. No functional strength or fitness.

Do sprints – run hills – or probably one of the best … Hindu squats and pushups. Plenty more but the latter are a great start for someone that might not have worked out in a while. Just make sure you don’t overdo the squats when you begin!

(bear in mind I’m quoting verbatim here, hence the “conversational” nature of what is written above).

This gentleman then went on to say that he could do squats – but he probably missed the “Hindu” part in there.

I can do 100 or more squats in intervals of 25. These are full squats – not the half ones. But my body is terribly weak in other areas.

My response –

No – I don’t mean regular bodyweight squats. I mean Hindu squats – and not in intervals of 25. Do them in sets of 100 (work up to it). Once you do, try not to go beyond 3 minutes/set. The ultimate aim is 500/set.

But if you’re more interested in upper body – and if you’re as weak as you say – what I’d recommend is different styles of pushups. Not just the regular pushups although those are good, sure …

Now, there is more to this conversation, but what I said above is excellent advice for many of you that want to get into REAL shape (as opposed to “gym shape”) – and is also excellent advice for those of you interested in fat loss, six packs and REAL health. 

It is also the sort of advice I give my clients that work with me one on one – and get results. Of course, that advice is far more detailed and tailored to the individual in question, but for now, a couple more things.

First, there is a WORLD of difference between regular bodyweight squats and Hindu squats.

The former is a good option – but the Hindu squats truly blow regular squats out of the water and then some.

Believe me now and trust me later, these will give you a far more vigorous upper body workout, and your heart will be pounding during the workout – BIG time. Not only that, the swinging motion required with your arms (during the up phase of the movement) gives you an excellent shoulder, chest and upper back workout as well.

And while the detail are somewhat hard to explain in an email – I’ve explained the form in the Videos – so if you aren’t already doing these regularly, start NOW.

Just make sure not to overdo ’em when you first start – – and that goes for you gym monsters out there than can squat an elephant too!

Second, pushups are truly an overall body workout. There is a reason I advocated pushups to the guy in question above – and there is a reason I say pushups are truly the BIG DOG of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and indeed the fitness world.

Do different style of pushups on a regular basis – and incorporate the deep breathing techniques – and you’ll find your upper body getting stronger after just a few workouts.

You’ll find the “weak spots” disappearing quickly – and you’ll also find that your entire body – including your LEGS – also get stronger from doing pushups the right way!

Last, but not least, make sure to incorporate some heart pounding elements into your workout as well – although if you do Hindu squats and pushups the right way, you will find these give you exactly that effect – and then some!

So that’s today’s advice – and thats “Doctor Rahul’s” prescription for those of you that are open enough to accept it.

Read – absorb – and then DO!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, the 0 Excuses Fitness System truly IS the best fitness system out there on the planet – a system you can do anywhere – and a system that gives you results quickly, and CONTINUES doing so as long as you DO the thing. Here is where you can grab it – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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