Training – in reverse!
- The first workout in 2019!

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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year!! As the mists fade away and 2018 recedes into the background, we’ve got a NEW and ABUNDANT year to look forward to – and as I said yesterday, the very best thing to do to usher it in – or to welcome it, for that matter is to do something you should be doing religiously daily anyway.

That being to partake of a hard, hard workout – a hard,vigorous workout that builds strength and muscle – increases flexibility – and burns fat like crazy  – an all in one workout if I might say so.

Sure, you already know the System that gives you this workout, and here is where … but wait. That wasn’t the point at all!

What I’ve been focusing on the last couple of training sessions, and what I focused upon today was a nifty little trick I’ve spoken about often – most specifically in Eat More – Weigh Less – -a trick which gets results, and QUICK at that – and HOW.

And yet, despite its extreme efficacy in terms of building those parts of the body that are generally flat out ignored during most training programs, this little trick is usually glossed over and NOT incorporated as well.

What is that you ask?

Well it’s this – training – but doing so in REVERSE.

I’ve written about this before, and no, as I’ve said before, it doesn’t mean your results go in reverse. It means you do – but in a good way.

Today’s Jan 1 2019 workout was one of the simpler ones, and one undertaken in pretty darn cold weather, at least by my standards.

The temperature was about 3 degrees Centigrade – by itself perhaps not a lot for those of you used to sub zero temperatures, but man oh man the wind chill made it feel a lot worse!

A lot worse – and I had three layers of clothing on as I completed my simple workout today – which consisted of two things – plenty of hill climbs – and pull-ups – and an “all in one” body stretch at the end of it that I’ve spoken about before.

During this workout, not one – but two layers of clothing came off – so profusely did I start panting and sweating – and a lot of this was due to the reverse nature of my workout.

It’s hard enough doing bear crawls uphill, but try doing them with your butt pointed “topwards” as it were – and THEN tell me. 

Add crab walks and sprints into the mix, and you’ll both see – and FEEL – what I’m talking about. Even most advanced trainees would be hard pressed to complete more than a few sets of these on flat ground – let alone an incline -or a hill.

I’ve been sorer than sore, by the way, in my CALVES over the past few days – as well as hamstrings.

Those two areas, of course are vitally important to train, but they rarely ever get the attention they deserve, while the quads end up getting max priority.

Now there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with quad work. After all, they’re the largest muscle group in your body – but the hamstrings and calves are equally important to train – and STRETCH out as well.

And as I completed that all in one final stretch I’m talking about – one that the old man in China does religiously do – I literally felt ON TOP of the world – both literally, figuratively and MENTALLY.

Believe me  now and trust me later, a good, good hamstring stretch is one of the very best things you can do for yourself!

As for the rest of the “reverse” nature of my workout?

Well, you’ll see plenty of it in Eat More – Weigh Less – – a course you really must have if you’re serious about dropping flabbage and getting the fittest you’ve ever been in 2019 – -and STAYING that way.

Grab the course TODAY – – and as always, let me know how you do with the reverse workouts – I bet you my bottom “RMB” they’ll kick your ass from here to tomorrow in
NO time flat!

Ok, my friend, that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Be sure too, to grab Corrugated Core while you’re at it – a book that guides you along to getting that 12 pack of your dreams – yes, especially the lower abs as well! Here is where you can get your paws on this little gem of a course – –

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