Out with the old, in with the NEW!
- Here's to a happy, prosperous and the very best new year ahead!

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Dear Reader,

Well, well well. As we roll on into the New Year here in this part of the world (those of you reading this from Japan/NZ are probably almost INTO 2019 anyway) – the very best thing I can tell you today is this …

Out with the old – and in with the NEW!

I’m not a believer at all in New Year Resolutions, of course. I believe in daily goals and making progress daily – and then looking back at the end of the year to see how far I’ve come – and believe you me, if you follow this practice in your life – or fitness routines – or any endavor of your choice, you’ll be amazed to see how much progress you’ve made over the last 12 months.

Personally speaking it’s been an interesting year for yours truly – both business wise and otherwise.

I put out several new products this year that were ALL well received – and I’ve been getting my one-one coaching “proteges” amazing results as well.

Yes, the sales page on Eat More – Weigh Less, for instance, DOES indeed live up to its promises – as does the page on the books on pull-ups and all the rest of the other stuff I promote. I would never promote something that doesn’t work – or something I haven’t personally tried – and well – as they say – the proof is indeed in the pudding, my friend.

While there have been several happenings this year that were less than desirable in many ways, I welcomed them ALL – and am mighty grateful that they happened when they did.

Life has a funny way of teaching you stuff when you need to learn it the most, and yours truly is no exception!

And if there is one OTHER thing I’ll leave you with at the end of the year – it is this – BELIEF, my friend – is what makes things HAPPEN.

There is truly nothing that can stand in the way of a person that has the “out with the old and IN with the NEW” mentality – and when you combine that with an abundant mindset and BELIEF – well – the seas of your life start to part almost instantly – and that ain’t an exaggeration either!

Fitness wise, what does this mean?

It means to forget all of the negatives – and “stuff that didn’t work” – or what the naysayers bleated over the past year, for one – and to fill your mind with POSITIVE stuff, and most importantly, positive feelings!

You truly do attract that which you think about repeatedly with deep emotion, my friend. 

And as Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Believing, your mind is like a container which has only so much space.

Fill it to the brim with positive thoughts, and then introduce a negative thought in there – and it will have no choice but to displace some of the positivity in your mind.

As I’m talking to people all over the globe wishing them and their family a happy new year, a worrying and sad trend I see is that of folks saying that “it’s going to be a tough year ahead”.

“I’m not going to be doing well over the next few months” (due to whatever reason).

“The economy sucks”. “The politicians suck”. And so and so forth.

And while all of this might or might not be true – the fact is this – there is hardly a WORSE thing you can say to yourself before the New Year.

Heck, it’s the end of a year – a year in which if you did things right you should have learned a LOT in all aspects – and grown tremendously both as a person and otherwise.

And it’s a day where more so than other days you look forward to the future with nothing but optimism and a mindset of UNBRIDLED ABUNDANCE, my friend – and if you do this – THAT is exactly what you’ll get.

And I should know, my friend. I should know!

Thanks to all of you reading this – I’m eternally grateful to have you on board the 0 Excuses faithful, as it were. Thanks to family – and friends – and everyone that took the time to wish us a happy New Year.

May the New Year be the very best ahead for YOU too – both fitness wise and otherwise!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Although it’ll be the 1st tomorrow, there’s no chance I’m going to “sleep in” and miss a workout. Its the FIRST day of the new Year, and you can “bet your betsy” I’ll be out there in the cold at some point working my bollocks off and then some.  Join me – do the exact same thing I will be doing tomorrow – and the rest of 2019 – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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