Possibly the BEST grip exercise ever …
- One amongst many though, to be honest!

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Dear Reader,

So I finished my conditioning workout today, and headed out to the pull-up station at the park to finish my daily quota of dips and pull-ups.

I should say “area where I work out” – since I don’t actually use the pull-up station at all, but thats a different story (although I’ll address that later).

Being Chinese New Year is almost upon us in this neck of the woods, and being it’s one holiday which seems to start months in advance of the actual date itself, there were plenty of folks out there in the park – mostly kids with their parents.

And as I swung myself across the monkey bars, I had plenty of competition … from the kids at first.

And sad as it might sound, although we think of monkey bars as being “kiddie” stuff, not one of the kiddies was able to swing themselves across successfully even ONCE – – let alone twice – – and certainly let alone the way I teach in Gorilla Grip, and my books on pull-ups.

I’ve mentioned before that getting good at monkey bars is absolutely crucial to getting better at pull-ups, and it is TRUE.

As the kids moved away, the adults tried.

One particularly enthusiastic gentleman tried to swing across, and his hands slipped on the first rung.

He tried again, and failed, grabbing his shoulder.

And this repeated itself ad infinitum amongst all the other adults who tried – women included. I say in “Pull-ups from Dud to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” that the average adult can’t even hold on to a chinning bar for any length of time, and it’s true.

And it’s sad, because the monkey bars – and chinning apparatus is one of the best ways to develop that upper body strength and endurance that most crave – and if you want BRUTE strength and traps that POP – then getting better at the pull-ups – and monkey bars is KEY.

And here is the most important thing.

Once you get good at the monkey bars – – once you can pop off 10 or so consecutive sets of the type of monkey bar exercise I mention in the books, then YOU will have a grip that will feel like it’s made of IRON – a true Gorilla Grip, as it were – and your pull-up abilities will dramatically shoot through the roof – if they haven’t already!

I got the results I did on a “section” of the monkey bars, so you don’t have to get a particularly “long section” of bars to swing across either – but here’s another key – one often ignored – them bars better be THICK.

The reason I ignore the pull-up apparatus out there is because it’s not made of THICK bars – as opposed to the monkey bars – and the SIDES of that structure – which is solid thick metal – which in turn is another secret for building your grip to “superhuman” levels, and then some.

Plenty of other tips and tricks to building the grip, and you’ll find them all in the Gorilla Grip compilation – including a couple of other exercises that you may think are odd – or even downright silly – but guess what – DO them – and you’ll quickly see how effective they are!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. I’m off for some green tea myself, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, in case you havent noticed, we’re officially selling TEA as well now – the GENUINE stuff straight from mainland China, and one of the keys to losing weight and RAPIDLY at that. Here is where you can get your hands on SOME of it (more coming soon) – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shop

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