The quickest way to a six pack
- ... is also the BEST - and most long lasting way!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about my “weight issues” in the past – and how I literally got myself down from a “ballooning” 120 or so kilos to a svelte (if I might say so) – toned and trimmed – and STRONG – 60 or so kgs.

Now, 60 kgs was admittedly a goal at that point if just to prove that YES – you CAN drop oodles of weight in a very short time, and do so WITHOUT doing what all the “shmexperts” advocate, but regardless, I’m still at a fit 70 kgs or so right now – whih is pretty much the ideal weight for someone my size.

It took me no more than a month and a half to achieve these results – -and while it did involve changes in diet etc, you’d be surprised to hear that these changes were the exact opposite of what most “weight loss experts” advocate – and in some cases I did what would be considered “sacrilege” in terms of weight loss.

Other than this, perhaps the most amazing fact is that diet and controlling diet was probably 1% of what went into my overall success.

What does all of this mean?

Well, it’s no secret that ALL of us are looking for the quickest – and “easiest” way to get to a six pack – get that lean, toned washboard abs look.

You might be strong, and you may be able to bench an elephant, but if you’ve got a gut hanging over your pants  – then you simply aren’t going to look – and perhaps feel as well – as athletic as you’d like to, my friend.

Sorry if that offends anyone out there, but its a fact and one we ALL know.

Anyway, here is what the quickest path to a six pack does NOT involve.

It doesn’t involve bunny crunches done for hours – and sit-ups aren’t necessarily required either.

It doesn’t involved advanced exercises that most folks can’t do a single rep of.

While the 0 Excuses Fitness program is KEY to achieving that six pack quickly – the real key is something “hidden” inside the exercises I advocate – as opposed to the exercises themselves.

And it certainly doesnt involve machine, weight loss pills, or starving yourself to the point you salivate every time you pass a bakery or restaurant (that sound familiar)?

I’m no saint when it comes to diet, for that matter. My buddy Ricky recently set up a Baskin Robbins franchise in the U.S. – and I was more than happy to like his page – and comment – hey, he’s selling cakes too in addition to chocolate ice cream and I love both!!

OK – so what is IT, you might be asking right about now. 

What is the secret?

Well – its this – and it’s actually quite simple when you look at it – and it can be broken down into two symbiotic parts.

One, you work the LARGEST muscles of your body, hard – hard, and HARDER! That means your legs, hips, core and back.

No exceptions to this rule – and I dont care if you’re trying to get in shape or get strong – you work the legs and core hard regardless, and you’ll get results!

Two, you BREATHE the right way. I’ve explained this in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – but a lot of people still don’t get how important breathing is to weight loss, so I’m putting it out there again.

You do exercise that involve effort – plenty of huffing and puffing – TONS of it – and you breathe the right way – and you’ll get to a six pack quicker than you ever (if ever) would fooling around with machines at the gym, treadmills, pavement pounding, or bunny crunches.

And here’s the real good part about it – the routine don’t need to take forever.

Intense doesn’t equate to “all day long”.

You can climb a hill once in the morning, and once in the evening, and your total climb time might be around 30-40 minutes TOPS – – and you’d still lose way more weight than you would mucking around with the treadmills and what not in the gym.

And how do I know this – well, I know plenty of people that are STRONG – that go to gyms – that can probably out-head-butt a Brahma Bull – guys with traps that extend all the way until their ears – but when it comes to their CORE – their conditioning, and of course fat around the midsection – they don’t got it.

And there’s a very good reason behind this – and it’s precisely what I’ve mentioned above!

So thats the honest-to-God quickest way to a six pack, my friend. Implement it into your training routine, and watch miraculous things happen to your body in virtually no time at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Hindu squats are one of the very best exercises out there in this regard, and they make you huff and puff like no-one’s biz, but you gotta do ’em right. Here is where you can find out how to do ’em – RIGHT –

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