Intermittent fasting – does it work?
- YOU be the judge, my friend!

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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk about something that plenty of people have already spoken about – but I’ll tackle it from an angle that hasn’t been widely discussed before – not that I can tell, at any rate!

It’s raining cats and dogs here in Southern China here, and due to one of those odd “amalgamations of circumstances”, I haven’t been able “refuel” my system for over 15 hours as of the time of writing this

My last meal was at around 10 P.M. or so last night (which alone is a mind bender for most people given all the literature out there about “eating late makes you fat”) – and it’s about 3:25 P.M. here at the time of writing this.

So it’s perhaps 15 hours – maybe a bit more – and I felt compelled to touch upon this very topic today – so here goes!

Fasting is something most people know about, of course – but not everyone does it.

Some just can’t stick to any sort of fast. Others have been “programmed” to believe that eating less causes your metabolism to slow down – and therefore fasting must make it slow down even more, right?

And of course, we’ve got all the studies about how “eating 8 small meals a day” ramps your metabolism up – yada, nada, schnada, and keeps you “feeling sated” – and yet – a cursory examination of most who follow this sort of a regimen reveals the exact opposite.

And before you jump at me for “disregarding medical advice” – or something to that nature – consider the following.

Animal in the world go DAYS without food at times – sometimes water as well – but especially food. 

Mr. Tiger doesn’t exactly hunt daily – and not all his hunts are successful as well.

When he DOES make a kill though – what does he do?

He sits down – has his fill – and then some – and then SLEEPS – for a good few hours before waking up to “do the rounds” again, which usually involves returning to the prey at some point and feast a bit more.

Wild tigers show no sign of lethargy – or weakness – or less flexibility – or anything of that nature we’ve been programmed to believe that fasts cause – and now, let’s look at a tiger in “el zoo”.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a tiger – or panther – or jaguar – or any big cat in a zoo, but it looks like a sorry imitation of it’s wild cousins – and this WITH three regular meals a day.

The worst I’ve ever seen was a jaguar in the New Delhi Zoo – bloated, stuffed, and clearly without the space it needs to exercise it’s considerable bulk – and build strength etc – and most of all, the LAZY look in it’s eye that you NEVER ever see with a cat in the wild.

Our ancestors never ate daily either.

Mr. Caveman, for instance would often go days without food – you know, them days without Micky D’s and smartphone apps … And yet, I don’t think I’d pit even the most fearsoms of UFC fighters, for instance, in a cage match with our ancestors of yore!

When I dropped my weight down from 120 kgs to 60 kgs – I did TWO things that NO-ONE “in their right minds” (yeah, right!) would even consider doing.

One, I worked out on an empty stomach – long and intense workouts – REAL intense.

Two, my first meal of the day was often at 6 P.M. – or later – and my last one was usually around midnight.

Sounds like sacrilege, and yet, I can tell you this – some of my best productivity and fitness gains came from following exactly THIS sort of a routine – and I’d often go in for a bridging workout before dinner as well!

If you look at athletes in tremendous shape, Herschel Walker is a guy that jumps to mind instantly.

3000 pushups and 1000 pull-ups daily and that is just for starters. BEAST, no??

And he built that incredible bod of his – yes – one meal a day – a SIMPLE meal – eaten – yes – at around 530 or 6!!

As for “if I still follow this regimen”?

Well – no – but when I’m forced to – such as today – I feel no ill effects whatsoever. In fact I feel even more energetic than ever, and if the darn rain would just stop, I would go run up a mountain or something – and then some!

So – – that is a long answer to a short enough question.

Ponder – “assimilate” – and let me know what you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And neither is eating more occasionally bad for you, my friend. In fact, those fasts are often followed by “pigging out” – but guess what – with the right workouts – you won’t gain a lick of fat from all them pizzas, soft drinks and late night snackolas, my friend. Learn more right here – –

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