Ideas, BELIEF – and SATISFIED customers!
- Think - persist - and ACHIEVE!

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Dear Reader,

When I first started (way, way back in the day) it was a pet project that was very dear to my heart indeed.

I was working a crappy full time job at the moment that I didn’t even go to half of the time so much did I hate it – – and literally every spare minute of my time was taken up with writing Fast and Furious Fitness – yes, the book that started it all for yours truly!

Along the way, I was met with NOTHING but CRITICISM – from all quarters – and was duly exhorted to “give up something that had no value”.

And guess what – I do have to admit, that at that point, the naysayers sort of got the better of me – sorta, at least. I didn’t devote near as much effort to the business at that point as I should have, and my results started to nosedive.

This is even more incredible when you consider that I started to get subscribers signing up for my newsletter literally days after creating the website – with NO marketing whatsoever!

Thoughts truly are things my friend, in that if we STRONGLY feel – and BELIEVE – then these thoughts “grow wings”, fly out into the Universe, and return pronto, bearing exactly the sort of returns we “thought about”!

The above may sound sort of esoteric, but its TRUE.

When I got back into the fitness biz full time, and started 0 Excuses Fitness, I was met with even more ridicule and scorn – and still am, for that matter.

It’s incredible, but true – but folks have a way of discarding FACTS placed in front of them – and a business that is growing at a healthy rate is still met with the usual “Oh, online businesses! Pah! That’ll never amount to anything!”

“Oh, just fitness! We all know how to stay fit!”

And again, incredibly, most of the people making the above statements are usually unfit themselves (to put it politely) – and have NEVER ever started a business of their own, either online or offline.

Opinions are like assholes, my friend. We ALL have them – the key is to NOT let them affect you in any way, shape or form – and THIS is where the VAST majority of folks aiming at something mess up.

I’ve spoken before about the “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show ’em first” part of this – and its best in my opinion to keep your cards close to your chest at all times until you actually achieve said goals.

You’d be surprised at how often the most intense criticism and negativity comes from folks that you’d think would be close to you – and most of it is actually unintentional.

Subconsciously folks have been programmed to believe that “online” businesses aren’t real – and amazingly enough, this belief persists in this day and age, and despite the results, well …

The point of all this?

If you have an idea – and you believe it’s right – then go out there and DO IT – and PERSIST until you get the results you desire, DESPITE what others might say!

Henry Ford was met with fierce opposition to his ideas not only when he first introduced the concept of a motor car – but also WAY after his initial successes. If there is one quality that Ford has, and has in spades – it is this – PERSISTENCE.

When Jeff Bezos started Amazon out of his garage, everyone from his former boss to his wife thought it was a bad idea – and they were not shy about telling him either.

The only folks that did support him were his parents – who pretty much gave him their life savings (this despite being told that there was a 70% probability of them LOSING said savings).

They had faith in Bezos, and today, 25 years later, the man is comfortably the richest man on the planet – outstripping all of the rest by a few million and then some!

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill speaks about the idea of writing a book on success based on REAL LIFE experiences that was first planted into his mind by Andrew Carnegie.

In his own words, then –

The favorable break came through Carnegie – but what about the DETERMINATION, DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE – and the DESIRE TO ATTAIN THE GOAL, and the PERSISTENT EFFORT OF TWENTY FIVE YEARS? It was no ordinary DESIRE that survived disappointment, discouragement, temporary defeat, criticism, and the constant reminding of “waste of time”.

It was a burning desire – an OBSESSION!

He goes on to state that –

Gradually the idea become a giant under its own power, and it coaxed, nurse and drove me. Ideas are like that. First you give life and action and guidance to ideas, then they take on power of their own, and sweep aside all opposition. 

And so it is with FITNESS – or any goal you set in life, my friend.

Back in the day, if I had let the buffoons that constantly clamored “Rahul will never get fit” “get to me” – then I’d never have gotten into the shape I am today, and I’d likely not even be doing a lot of things that I am today business wise.

Same thing for the nitwits, tyre kickers, and nutjobs that claim “fitness businesses don’t work”  – – or “that idea is too outrageous” – or those that have plenty of time to COMMENT, but no time to ever actually DO.

And its the same thing for you, my friend – and that is why I mention it today. If you’ve got a goal – then set your mind to it – and just do it – and the results WILL COME – as sure as the sun setting in the West and rising in the East.

As they say, be careful what you set your heart upon, as you surely shall obtain it!

Last, but NOT LEAST, I’ve been speaking a lot as of late about the green tea that I’ve been getting for those that are interested – the tea that I’ve touted, pimped, and PROMOTED – and RIGHTLY so – as the WONDER POTION that you simply must take on board in terms of your weight loss routines.

Green tea – jasmine tea – and all other forms of organic tea have so many benefits that it would take a tome to list them all, bu when it comes to weight loss, the bottom line is this – if you’re working out regularly, and if you want an instant BOOST – a shot in the arm – then green tea is your best bet.

And we’re talking REAL green tea here – NOT the stuff you see in the supermarkets! 

I’m talking the REAL deal – imported straight from mainland China – tea as you can see here –

And here is what Imran, a long time customer of mine had to say about the tea –

“Hi Rahul! The maojian tea you got me for very good! I feel a lot better after drinking it for cold!”

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true. Green tea (and in this case JASMINE green tea) DOES have proven health benefits, and I’ll speak at length on these benefits in the future.

For now, if you’re interested – get thee “buns” over to the following URL – – and place your order – and you’ll see what Imran – and other satisfied customers – BE raving about, my friend.

Well, my friend, that is it for now. A rather lengthy dispatch, but worth every word.

Think – believe – persist- and ACHIEVE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the tea, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – –


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