Integrating exercise into your DAILY routine
- You ALWAYS have time!

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Dear Reader,

Something that we commonly hear – and that I’ve often railed against in the past and continue to do so NOW – is the “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse.

Out of all the excuses that people make for not getting in a good workout – this one is probably the WORST of them all – and this one is the most irritating of them all – at least to me.

The same people that make this excuse usually have time galore to watch the boob tube … or “chat on the phone” – or perhaps watch hours and hours of mindless soap operas either on the Web or the – yes, the idiot box – or discuss politics – or any amalgamation of inane and utterly UNPRODUCTIVE activities listed above.

You always have time, my friend.

I suppose this would be a good place as any to “pimp” my patented 15-25 minute workouts – workouts that leave even the most seasoned of trainees in a pool of sweat on the floor before half of it is over -or in some cases, before the workout has even STARTED … but I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I’ll tell you a bit of a story.

I did a bit of a quick jaunt over to Hong Kong yesterday. For those of you on this list, you remember me telling you about my visits there, I’m sure. It’s about a half day trip all in all if you do things right – about 1.5 hours drive and back – and with immigration, crowds etc, can take a bit of time.

Up until last year and indeed last month, I’d get in a solid workout BEFORE leaving.

But yesterday, I figured I’d do something different. I figured I’d put my “you always have time” theory to the ultimate test – and I did.

I took care of “business” in the morning. Emails. Factory communications. Checking sales on the site. Et al.

Had lunch. Then it was time for the Kong.

And here is what I did.

Instead of taking a taxi to the subway station (about 30 minutes BRISK walk from my place), I just walked – and did so with purpose – briskly.

I was sweating a fair bit upon arrival, and I didn’t grab the nearest bench to collapse.

Instead, I stocked up on 5 liters of water – chucked said item into the backpack – and paced the floor until the train arrived.

When it was time to change from the subway to the main train – and buy tickets etc – I did NOT use the escalator.

I climbed three flights of stairs to “ground level” – and then another steep flight to the ticketing counter – and then another two or so to the “inter city” trains – all the time with backpack in tow.

Did get a curious glance or two from the onlookers “stationed” on the escalators, but hey, I’m used to that!

Once in the Kong, I had to use the subway again to get to where I needed to – and you know what that means, of course.

Stairs,stairs, and more stairs – and for those that rant about TIME, or the lack of it?

Let me tell you, a quick run up a flight – or three – of stairs is FAR FAR quicker than just standing on the escalator which goes at it’s own pace (especially when said escalator is crowded!).

I cannot tell you how many times I bounded up them stairs yesterday and folks that got on the escalator BEFORE me were still on it when I was at the top of that flight of stairs.

This sort of a workout not only boosts your entire immune system from all the huffing and puffing – but also burns FAT like crazy, my friend – and all it requires is one thing – that is for you not to be LAZY!

On the way back from the Kong – it was the same thing, except in reverse.

And as I collapsed in bed last night after a good dinner, I had the feeling of a job well done – or as Brooks Kubik said all those years ago in the “infamous” “Rahul’s hill walking workout from China” email –

At the end of it all, he sits down to a good dinner. And he should. He’s earned it!

So there you have it, my friend. A prime example of how you can integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Without further excuses then – just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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