Breathe yourself SLIM
- A hidden key to blasting those pesky fat cells off...

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Dear Reader

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in the 0 Excuses Fitness System BOOK – as well as the Videos, I’ve included an example of how to stop “huffing and puffing” almost instantly after extreme exertion – – as well as demonstrated the same “live”.

You know what I mean by huffing and puffing, don’t you?

Say you’re climbing – or sprinting a hill – and it’s all you can do to get your breath back in ragged gasps as you reach the top of the hill …

At that point, the most natural thing to do, and indeed what most people do is to “suck in as much as air” as they can through the mouth and keep going.

Now, there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with this – except – it isn’t by far the most efficient way to REGAIN your breath quicker – as well as stay calm – and most importantly, it is NOT the ideal way to LOSE weight – and that pesky fat around the belly.

In fact, prolonged mouth breathing and “sucking in air” over time actually REDUCES your capacity for performance, my friend.

True, it might seem your getting in more air (oxygen) – but the HOW is the key.

Watch how babies and toddlers breathe – NATURALLY – from their belly as opposed to the upper chest.

And this sort of deep breathing is what is called diaphragmatic breathing – and not only does it increase the size of your rib cage and the connective tissues – but it also improves lung capacity – and therefore your endurance and capacity for PERFORMANCE under stress.

And – most importantly – you can LOSE weight a LOT faster if you breathe the right way – I’d say up to 30-40% faster if not more than the usual “sucking down air” method.

Losing weight is something we all talk about  – – but have we really thought about the process?

The HOW?

Your lungs, for one are the MAIN excretory organ  in terms of weight loss – a fact that by itself would astound most that believe it’s “broken down” – or “eliminated via the bowels” – or (this is a most ludicrous concept, but it’s widely believed), “converted to muscle” – and so forth.

No. Your LUNGS are the main driving factor here – and while HOW you inhale is KEY – the exhale is really what “drops the pounds” if you get my drift.

It’s a matter of unlocking the carbon within the fat cells if I were to get technical – and the proper way to break down all the atoms, molecules etc is to breathe NORMALLY – through the nose – as opposed to the mouth.

And believe me, proper breathing isnt just something that you should be partaking of during a tough workout.

Proper breathing is something we should all pay attention to throughout the day – but don’t.

How many times have you sat up – and cleared your mind by none other than 10 slow, long, deep BREATHS – the right way?

How many times do you do this in a day – or a week – or even a month?

I’ll bet the answer is in the single digits if even that.

‘Tis a pity, because the sheer exhilaration you experience from deep breathing done RIGHT rivals and outstrips everything else.

Runner’s high – swimmer’s high – or maybe simply the high you get after a great great workout.

All great, but all trumped by what I said above, and if you want proof – well – you’ll SEE proof in the videos too!

And if you want proof that this sort of breathing is how the FAT melts off your body?

Well, that proof is there too – in the System, my friend.

In short – breathe right – make a regular practice of it both during your workouts and before and after – and you’ll see your weight loss benefits shoot through the roof shortly thereafter.

‘Tis true, my friend. Tis true, and I’ll sign off on that note for today.

Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with deep breathing done right, the right exercises are key too – and here are some that will thump the fat off ASAP, and keep it from returning – – 

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