If you have to lift weights …
- .... HERE is the right way to do it!

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Dear Reader,

I suppose it’s not a secret whatsoever that the ONLY weight I believe you should be “pumping” (if I might use the term) isn’t one found in the gym – or the weight room – but rather the one you were born with – your own bodyweight.

It’s no secret either that you can get the workout of your lives – for your whole life – with nothing but your entire bodyweight alone but there are some who (despite believing this) “want more”.

OK, so how about we tie dumbells to our waists while doing chin-ups, they ask?

Or – drag a tyre up a hill a.k.a Herschel Walker and many other greats?

Or perhaps even tie a stone around your neck while doing Hindu squats to increase resistance as the old time wrestlers did ….

And while all of this is great, there are some that just want “weights”.

And to them I have this one answer – you CAN “lift” and “move” weights – but NOT the way you do in the gym.

If you want far greater benefits, then you lift weights that are a) unwieldy and difficult to grab and b) have to be lifted in ALL planes of motion as opposed to the utterly ridiculous “sit and pump” motion folks go through at the gym.

I’ll give you an example.

I’ve been busy as bee as of late shipping teas – running up and down five flights of stairs with packages in hand – and last night, I was faced with the “task” of lifting a particularly unwieldy and BULKY 30 kg package that felt like it had an elephant stuffed in there – up five flights of stairs – and this AFTER my regular hill workout and pull-ups – and a few long walks too.

Mark my words, it was a battle getting those suckers up narrow staircases, and it was no easy task lugging them along with other packages to the post office -but thats good – and why?

Because lifting heavy objects (WEIGHTS, my friend!) that are hard as heck to grip and grasp make your body work from every angle and direction.

They work the tendons and musculature fully, and done right (especially if you’re lugging stuff up flights of stairs) give you a HECK of a cardio workout to boot!

Case in point being once at the end of semseter when my (then) girlfriend had a “grand daddy” couch to move – and believe me, if you’ve ever gripped one of them suckers by your fingertips and moved it up and down a few flights of stairs – you KNOW how tough it is and what a workout it can give you!

Lifting heavy weights like this – more examples are sandbags – or perhap even beer kegs – are infinitely better for you than the pumping/toning at the gym, my friend.

Not only do they complement a bodyweight workout perfectly – but they give you a heck of a lot more benefit as well – and if you need proof – just look at how wrestlers and construction workers, for one are built.

Solid for the most part. Certainly not artificially “ripped” in most cases – but SOLID as heck – and STRONG – and FIT as well – and how do you think they got that way?

So moral of the story is this – while you sure as heck don’t need weights to get in a great workout – for those that feel they really have to have that option – well – us ethe ones given above – and report back!

I’ll bet it feels a heck of a lot better than sitting on your arse pumping and toning (and preening, of course) and I’ll end on that note!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another great, great way to use your own bodyweight is to turn yourself upside down – literally – and work from that “base” – – as shown here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

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