The habit of doing MORE …
- ... in the right SPIRIT!

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Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that in all my years here in China, I’ve been approached numerous times to teach English – many times at lowball prices – and on almost ALL of these occasions, my answer has been a firm NO.

Not just because of the rates (low or high) I was being offered, but because of the sheer “dancing monkey” nature of the biz.

And if there is one thing I pride myself on doing  – and doing well – it is serious BUSINESS.

If I’m being hired to teach, then I teach – no excuses, no prisoners taken – and woe betide anyone that tries to get in my way.

And if those “signing up to learn” throw hissies – or demand to “do it their way or the highway” – or anything of that nature, then they’re politely shown the door and asked to leave.

It’s the same thing with those that come to me for fitness coaching. The FIRST thing I tell them is that it’s going to involve work – and it’s going to involve actually DOING what I ask my students to do – and if that isn’t palatable, well …

Anyway, a few years ago I made an exception to my “no teaching English” rule, and agreed to teach a Sunday morning class at a local learning center run by a fairly friendly guy from Hunan province in China.

The pay was low – rock bottom in fact. The students weren’t exactly very regular in terms of attending classes. And the center itself wasn’t exactly run nigh professionally if you get my drift.

And yet, despite all of this, my GUT told me to sign up with them – and I did.

One of the classes I taught was a three hour long Sunday morning class – and I put everything I had into it.

Remember, if I teach, I teach seriously – and I make sure I DELIVER RESULTS – way more so than what someone else teaching there (or anywhere) would have – and certainly way more than was expected for the pay I was getting.

And why?

Because for the most part, the students that came to me to learn actually did want to learn as opposed to fool around and waste my time.

Sure, they could ALL afford to pay me more – but thats another story – and anyway, I delivered far more to them than they paid for – simply out of a genuine desire to see my students IMPROVE – and boy did they improve RAPIDLY.

One lady improved her spoken English from almost “zero” to “mid level” within the space of 3 short months – no mean feat – and there are other examples too.

And where am I heading with all this?

Well – despite the low pay – shortly after I started delivering this service – I was compensated for literally WAY MORE than I delivered by means of service – in ways I’ve never have thought possible.

In ways more so than money. In ways that only the Universe can comprehend, and the next few months were wondrous for me, as wonders literally “bloomed” in front of me – and this continued – mark my words – for until 3 years after I left that job!

And I mention this not to blow my own bugle, but to state that – and actually, it’s the great Napoleon Hill who stated it –

The Law of Increasing Returns dictates that a man who renders more than what he is paid for will soon find himself being paid for more – way more than what he renders. The law of compound interest applies here! 

And so it does, my friend.

So it does – and the above is one prime example out of many, many …

When a farmer plants a seed, it would be useless to him that if that one seed resulted in a plant with “one leaf” – or if it resulted in just “one grain of maize”.

The Law of Increasing Returns makes sure that the farmer gets “more” than what he planted- provided he does it in the right SPIRIT. 

When I taught above students and delivered way more value than I was being paid for, money was the LAST thing on my mind.

It was done out of a sincere DESIRE to help them improve – and the sheer satisfaction I personally got from said results cannot be measured in monetary terms.

And if I had done so with “money in mind” then chances are excellent or second to none that I wouldn’t have been able to deliver that same level of service – and neither would I have received any of the many wondrous benefits I did in the months shortly thereafter.

Remember the above, my friend. It is one of the most important principles you should follow in LIFE – and as for fitness – oh YES – the same applies.

When you wake up at 530 in the morning, and go for a tough hike up hills, it can be easy to “do just the bare minimum”.

When yours truly did just that, the original plan was to hike the hill twice and be done with it.

And yet, I increased that to three hikes – four – and then two more in the evening – ALL because I had to do “MORE” than what I set out to – and with NO ulterior motive in mind.

And the results?

Well – they’re in front of you – and the same will happen with you my friend, if you absorb what I’ve told you, and APPLY in your life.

The rule works for everyone and discriminates against NO-ONE – it’s just as simple as that.  And it works in reverse as well. Do something in the WRONG spirit – and it’ll come back to bite you in the ass – with compound interest I might add.

Ponder – ponder once again  – then DO – and APPLY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – When I created the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, I could easily have just done up a couple of videos instead of the 5 lengthy ones that are currently there, but this would have defeated the very purpose of being HELPFUL and spreading  knowledge that I believe literally has the power to change your life from the INSIDE out, my friend.  I didn’t – and the results have been mind boggling- and you owe it to yourself to find out what exactly the fuss is all about – right here – 

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