“I hope summer comes later”
- and being "scared of dinner"

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Dear Reader,

Well, well well. I just got back from a fantastic workout consisting of pull-ups, dips and a few nice jaunts up “el hillo” if I might put it that way.

It’s nice warm weather out there – summer’s approaching in full swing – and I am enjoying EVERY minute of it!

Took a long shower – poured myself a mugga (NOT what you’re thinking about, hehe) – and I’m raring to get down to the second half of the day.

As I fired up the  laptop, I noticed my phone blinking.

It was a Wechat message from a lady I’ve been speaking to for the past few days – a lady whose apparently concerned that she’s so overweight that she looks pregnant – and at the “ripe old age” of around 22 or so if I’m guessing right.

I’m guessing the age because – well – … ah, I’ll let you guess the reason!

Anyway so this lady is apparently so concerned about her looks and appearance that when she sent me a picture (in order for me to look and tell if she was really fat or not) – the picture lasted on the screen for a sum total of a few seconds.

Wechat, for those that don’t know has a recall function and she sent it – and BAM – just like that – she recalled it, so I couldn’t even see much in the brief time period it was THERE – but yes, she does have a few more spare tyres around the midsection than she should (especially at her age).

A case of the lard lumps “sneakily piling up” until one fine day that belly turns into the Belly of Buddha, as it were. And yes, this is AS applicable to you ladies out there as it is you gents.

“I’m afraid”, this lady told me a few minutes ago.

“Because … I have dinner with my colleagues tonight!”

I started to reply, but she cut me off.

“It’s scary to think about! Dinner tonight, maybe a drink … I hope he comes later this summer! Too fat! Pregnant!”

Now the above is a fair bit of “translated English” if you get my drift, but the import is clear.

The lady is suffering from a case of the lard lumps – and is nigh anxious for summer NOT to come – – so said lard lumps stay “hidden” under clothing.

And she’s not alone, of course. There’s plenty of tubbos all over the nation who are dreading exactly the same thing, for all the wrong reasons.

Sad part, it doesn’t have to be this way!


Well, I’ll tell you, but first here are a few points.

First, you cannot “hide” the lard lumps under “XXXL clothing” or clothes a few sizes too large – or even “flattering garments” if I might say so. It shows no matter what – much the same as a muscular neck – or strong forearms – or solid legs show no matter what you’re wearing.

Second, this lady has it all WRONG in terms of the REASONS why she’s fat.

Shes of the opinion that eating late is making her fat – and that the LESS she eats, the slimmer she’ll become.

I disabused her of this notion right away.

“If you eat less, your metabolism will slow down and you WILL gain weight”.

“Are you sure? Well, if you say so … ”

There was a pause, and she continued.

“If you say, I have freedom to eat all I like!”

And so it went.

Now, I’m not advocating stuffing your gourd at every meal – and I’m certainly NOT advocating unhealthy eating habits – but the fact is this – when I got into the best shape of my life – what I ate and WHEN I ate it was NOT a concern.

I cover this at the start of the Simple and Effective Diet – yours GRATIS with a 0 Excuses Fitness purchase – and it’s a must read for those of you that believe in what the so called pundits say (hint – they’re WAY off base).

Second, and more importantly, while this lady does a lot of the right things in terms of exercise, she’s way off base in terms of losing weight.

She’s pounding the pavement for one – for hours at a time.

And the fat just doesn’t go away.

How different would it be though if she cracked open Eat More – Weigh Less – and started in on some of the blistering routines therein – routines that take less than a MINUTE at times- and yet are way more effective at burning fat off your midsection – and KEEPING it off – than anything else out there I’ve seen or know of.

It’s NOT long slow distance cardio that burns the lard lumps, my friend – and I’ve said this so many times in the past that I feel like a stuck record – but there it is.

It is INTENSE exercise done in SHORT bursts that really burns fat – and as for the proof – well, it’s right there in the pudding my friend – NO puns intended.

Once you’re on this sort of a program, you’ll never worry about not fitting into your clothes – or showing off that bikini line in summer – or flaunting that six pack at the beach, for that matter.

You won’t be in the least bit worried about late night eating – or a few drinks here and there. Heck, I’m a self professed beer lover – and love to drink beer every so often – and it certainly hasn’t affected my fitness levels one damned bit, has it?

Key is – do the RIGHT things.

Drop the LSD cardio, my friend. Drop the weights. Drop the ridiculous machines and treadmills.

Instead – get outdoors – or in your living room if you so prefer – and use your body in the way it was INTENDED to be used.

You’ll be nigh surprised at the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with Eat More – Weigh Less, here is another MUST grab before summer comes – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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