The hidden KEY to losing weight – FAST!
- So fast you won't believe your eyes!

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Dear Reader,

If you’ve been following these newsletters for any length of time, the topic of losing weight – and doing so FAST probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you – if at all.

Topics such as eating more – a LOT more – and still dropping weight (especially around the midsection and hips) QUICK should be nigh familiar by now (and yes, for you newbies on this list – this is indeed very doable – visit THIS link for more on it – )

The right exercises are of course key. Pavement pounding is thought by many to the best thing to do to “burn fat” but what ends up happening is it actually encourages your body to STORE more fat – strange as that might sound to a lot ya’ll!

I’ve often spoken about my own journey – getting down from 120 – 60 kgs – which was accomplished via means that most traditionalists and so called “experts” would sneer at, and call unhealthy – and yet – these very routines and exercises WORKED – and not only did they work from a weight loss perspective – but a medical perspective as well.

That’s right.

My elevated liver levels for one disappeared after months of dropping the weight on this new routine – with NO medication (despite what the docs had said about medication being the only real way to get ’em down).

And many other things – but that isn’t the reason I’m writing to you today about this , my friend.

While the right sort of exercise is indeed key to losing weight – and keeping it off – there is more to it than just that.

There is a hidden KEY – which is curiously right out there in the open – but most miss it.

This key is NOT diet related. It’s not got anything to do with watching calories, or the lack of it.

No, it isn’t about eating more – or less – meat – or vegetables.

For those of you that like to “load up” at the local “tankard” on a regular basis, fear not. It ain’t got nothing to do with that either.

This key has been mentioned in The SImple and Effective Diet at the very start. It’s right out there in the open – and I’ve given you both my examples, as well as another very well known one (Herschel Walker) in that regard – along with proof too.

And the key has got nothing to do with genetics either, for those of you that may be thinking that.

It has something to do with WHEN you exercise, my friend. And curiously enough although I’ve said that, it has NOTHING AT ALL to do with whether you workout in the mornings – or afternoons – or late at night for that matter.

It’s got everything to do with WHEN you workout – and believe me, if you combine this little tip with “Eat More – Weigh Less” or any of the exercise routines in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – then excess body fat will be thing of the PAST, my friend.

That belly will literally start to shrink before your very eyes – and the best part is this – there is NO change in diet required.

Just a tweak in terms of WHEN you workout – and a willingness to ignore the herd and the so called experts.

And this one key, more than anything else was what was the reason for the sheer SPEED at which I dropped the lbs when I was getting into shape.

I’d still have done without the key – but it would have been a long grind – and if there’s  a quicker way – well – wouldn’t you take it?

And that is that for today’s email. Like I mentioned, the key is actually right out there in the OPEN if you’ve been following me – and it’s mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet as well – get your hands on it today if you want to find out what it is!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did you know, by the way, that the Simple and Effective Diet is completely FREE with your purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System? Yes indeed sir (or Ma’am) – FREEEEE  – so rush on over HERE to reserve your copy NOW –

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