More on the hidden “key” to incinerating fat and building muscle
- And yes, it does work!

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Dear Reader,

Well, judging by the nature of some of the responses I’ve received over the past couple of days to my last email on this, you’d think I was holding the key to Fort Knox (figuratively speaking of course, hehe) – and not letting go of it no matter what.

I referred to a hidden weight loss “secret” in that email – a secret that works well for EVERYONE regardless of what your current diet is (or if you even change it one bit) – and works at WARP speeds for those who “just do the thing”.

It works in terms of building muscle – and it works in terms of blasting fat off your frame – and it does so – again, at WARP speeds.

If you’ve been working out diligently for ages, and are still unable to get rid of them muffin tops, bingo wings, man boobs or what have you – then THIS is the one thing you need to start doing, my friend.

And believe me, while I’ve raved galore about the results I’ve gotten from doing what I am telling YOU to do – it isn’t just something that has been used by me.

Actors such as the famous Sylvester Stallone have used it. If you’re wondering just how Sly achieved that bod of his he showed off so proudly in Rocky III/IV, well, the gym is PART of it – but the secret is another, and MORE VITAL part of it.

Herschel Walker lives his entire life in such a manner – and looking at him, well, I’d say the proof is in the pudding, eh?

And so forth.

And yesterday I got an email from a reader who despite reading the Simple and Effective Diet from “cover to cover” as he put it claims not to “understand the secret” fully.

And so without further ado – here it is, my friend.

The secret is simple – and it is this – work out on an EMPTY STOMACH.

There’s more to it, but that is the essence of it.

We’ve all heard the bunk about how “fasted cardio” (or exercise in general while in a fasted state) doesn’t actually burn fat – it only ends up breaking down muscle tissue – and if there was ever a bigger bunch of baloney spouted by the so called experts, I’m yet to see it, my friend.

All the so called experts rail against “not having breakfast” (supposedly the most important meal of the day).

These same people rant and rave about “not exercising on an empty stomach” – and “three square meals a day” – and “not eating beyond 6 P.M.” – and a host of associated junk.

And yet, curiously enough THESE same people are usually the ones with the flab hanging off their bodies in the areas they’d like to lose it most (love handles being a prime example) …

It’s simple, my friend.

Man evolved to go long periods without food. When we eat, a certain portion of that food is converted to fat – and our ancestors didn’t have food ready at every nook and corner of the jungle, so to speak.

Did they lose strength or energy during those long hunts (accomplished without food)? Did they need “protein shakes” to keep going? Most importantly, did they get FAT?

I don’t think so, my friend.

Does Mr. Tiger, the most feared of the wild cats “feel tired” if he doesnt get his three squares a day?

Does he stop roaming his territory and “burning calories on an empty stomach” looking for prey?

While the above might sound ridiculous, it’s NOT – I am simply giving you an example of how Nature intended man to be!

Nature didn’t intend for us to wake up – shove down plates of bacon and cheese down the gullet – sit on our asses the entire day in front of the computer – gobble down another huge lunch – and ditto for dinner.

Nature didn’t intend for us to “fill our bellies” before working out.

I’ve already given you real life examples above of what the SECRET can accomplish if used correctly – but if you’re one of those that believes strictly in medical science, well, here goes –

When you eat your body produces insulin – a lot of it – and at this point in time, your body is so preoccupied with digesting the food that fat burning becomes a very distant priority indeed.

Which makes sense, don’t you think? Why burn fat when energy is readily available via food?

As those insulin level decline though, fat burning once again take top priority – and if you’re working out in a fasted state – guess what happens.

I dont care if youre training for strength – flexibility – endurance – or simply even to burn fat – do it in a fasted state -and you’ll notice VASTLY improved results within a matter of days, or even sooner for many people (including yours truly).

Thats just how it is, my friends – and while there is more to the secret – I’ve just given you the sum and substance of it right here in today’s post.

There ARE some rules you need to bear in mind while following what I’ve told you above – but these aren’t anything anyone with common sense wouldn’t know anyway.

Being that common sense isnt as common as it should be though, I’ll go over that in another email shortly – be on the outlook for it!

In the meantime – if you workout today – have a great one – and feel free to write back and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here, by the way is the exercise system that you need to follow along with what I’ve told you above – –

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