My weight loss advice to a medical student
- And it sure wasn't what you think it was!

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Dear Reader,

So, last Sunday morning I had a meeting with a few medical students for business purposes.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what the meeting was about – but suffice it to say that they’re a group of bright young students – all around the age of 21 or thereabouts.

A couple of guys and a gal, and the gal is trying to lose weight from what I gleaned.

“I’m too fat, Rahul”, she told me as we walked inside the building where we were going to meet.

Now, a day or so ago I had seen this girl post a picture of eating out at a restaurant (Sichuan style hot pot if I recall correctly – one of my favorites!) and it was right about this time that I brought this up.

“Hey, Miao. I saw your wechat update. That food looked really good!”

“It was!” she responded gleefully.

“But … ” and she went on in a bit of a more somber tone, “I haven’t eaten well all week. It’s been tough, trying to lose weight!”

“But you’re not fat, Miao”, I responded. And she isn’t, to be honest. Perhaps a bit chubby around the face but in the U.S. she’d be considered as normal and perhaps even “slim” by certain standards if you get my drift!

“You don’t understand my life! It’s very hard! Losing weight is not easy!”, she went on.

Now, one of the things about living in mainland China is this – that when a Chinese girl tells you she’s fat (even though she clearly isn’t) – presenting her with all the facts to the contrary is akin to beating your head against a brick wall.

It “don’t” matter what you tell her – the “I’m fat” slogan will keep sounding like an imperious gong of sorts, and so it was in this case.

Ah well.

And at that point, I gave her the advice I referred to – but this story wouldn’t be complete without two other details, so I’ll give you those first.

After this meeting was complete, and as I was relaxing that evening – I got a message from the girl’s boyfriend (one of the dudes I was meeting with).

He seemed rather worried – and I asked him why.

“Rahul, she thinks you called her fat! She’s fighting with me, and won’t talk to me at all, and won’t believe anything I say! If you can talk to her a bit, it would be much appreciated!”

And this brings me to another “fact of life” when living in mainland China – be prepared for misunderstandings galore, especially when English is the language being used to communicate.

It was nothing short of hilarious – I had specifically told the gal she wasn’t fat, and told her NOT to stop eating – or to starve herself – and yet she took it the other way.

TIC (This is China) as it were, and as for the advice?

Well, this girl seems to be under the impression that eating in general will make her fat.

She seems to be under the impression that avoiding meat will shed the kilos – – and as a fellow medical student pointed out (to me) that eating breakfast is imperative to lose weight.

That other medical student pointed this out to me when I told him about my “empty stomach” workouts.

“Tut, tut!” he went mournfully, waggling an eyebrow at me much like an old Math teacher used to do in school when young Rahul would be caught “cutting” class.

“Skipping breakfast is not good. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

I refrained from commenting too much, of course …

Anyhow, without further ado, here is the advice I gave the girl – advice I repeated when chatting with her later that night at the behest of her boyfriend (I know, I know – the things I seem to get myself into, eh!).

First, exercise first thing in the morning – OR on an empty stomach. Do NOT eat before exercising.

Second, if you don’t have time (and in her case she truly doesnt) – make time for brief 15-20 minute INTENSE workouts. Again done on an empty stomach.

Third – do NOT avoid eating – and eat MORE meat as opposed to less.

Fourth, avoid rice and starches like the plague. Easier said than done in mainland China, of course, but try.

And that’s really all I told her – and that is what I tell EVERYONE trying to lose weight (initially, before getting into further details).

I’ve got NO idea if she’ll actually take the advice to heart. She doesn’t need to in my opinion of course as I don’t think she’s fat – – but hey – – she does, and … well!

If she DOES take it to heart, that flab will fly so fast off her that fitting into those evening gowns she wants to wear will be a reality sooner than she knows it.

And so goes the story today. Oh, and the “empty stomach” workouts are meant to be mixed in with a certain degree of caution if you’re a bonafide fitness MANIAC like I am – and I’ll write more on that tomorrow.

Be on the outlook for that!

Last, and as an aside, the trio of students asked me to recommend some interesting movies to them, and I recommended the thriller and four Academy Awards winner Silence of the Lambs to them.

The movie is truly one of my all time favorites – Anthony Hopkins does it better than almost any other actor out there. Truly a mind – you know what – in certain regards, and it seemed the students liked it.

Was the girl “scared” after watching it as many were ?

Not in the least, but then again, for medical students that study the human anatomy all day, I suppose the movie wasn’t scary – at least not in a graphic sense!

Anyway, that’s that for today, my friend. I’ll be back again tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While Hopkins played the role of the cannibalistic serial killer “Lecter” to perfection in the movie, he did have a few extra (or more than a few extra) lbs around his waist in the movie. I’ve no idea if the good Doc would be willing to try out a few 0 Excuses workouts – perfect for the “cell” he was confined to – but whether or not he does – YOU, my friend owe it to yourself to try out these workouts today. Here is where you can get your hands on the goodies – –

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