“I’ve been suffering from recurring lower back pain”
- Get rid of that pesky back pain forever

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Dear Reader,

So, this morning I had an interesting conversation with a lady whose been suffering from recurring lower back pain.

She’s not alone, of course – there’s plenty of women here in mainland China who (despite all of them NOT being overweight) suffer from this malady.

Just goes to show you that it ain’t always about how you LOOK on the OUTSIDE, my friend.

So here’s the gist of the conversation.

“I’ve been suffering from lower back pain since last night, Rahul”.

Now, I’ve never met this lady and haven’t seen very many pictures of her, so I wasn’t quite sure if she was overweight or not – so I made the “cardinal sin” of asking, hehe.

“Are you overweight?”, I asked casually.

“What mean overweight”, came the response. Well, better than a chop to the neck, I’d say …!

“Fat. A little fat”, I continued patiently. When in China, as they say …

“Oh no. In fact I’ve lost weight successfully, but my back pain never seems to go away”.

At this point I grilled her a bit about what exercise she does on a regular basis. Turns out she does a few situps daily at home – and pounds the pavement occasionally – but that’s it.

“It’s mostly sitting around”, she continued, at which point I chimed in.

“Heck yeah, it is! You need to move more – and do the RIGHT things”, I continued.

Now, a short while ago I had advised this lady to do sprints instead of pounding the pavement, and while she seemed to take the advice on board at the time, she hasn’t actually DONE the thing.

This time, I sent her pictures of me bridging, and gave her some instructions on how to do it.

She isn’t a 0 Excuses faithful as yet – but she might be soon – but as of now, she doesn’t have access to the videos, but she has access to me, and strangely enough, or perhaps not, the first words out of her mouth upon seeing the pictures were –

“I can’t do that! That’s too difficult!”

“There’s no can’t, Crystal … ”

“I had shoulder surgery twice. My shoulders aren’t strong enough!”

“Sure they are. There are progressions that you can work up to, and … people with neck surgeries and fused vertebrae have successfully used this exercise to rid themselves of lower back pain. So can you!”

“I’ll be too scared! ” (giggle, giggle).

At this point, I let her have it.

“Crystal, you keep saying NO to everything. This is typical – the human mind looks for a bazillion reasons and EXCUSES to NOT do the thing as opposed to simply saying YES and getting down to brass tacks and doing it”.

And then I went on a bit about how she COULD do it – and while I’ve got no idea if the lady will actually DO what I’ve told her to – the facts are these – a) back pain (especially lower back  pain) is pretty much becoming a pandemic not just in China – but all over the GLOBE – and b) YES, there IS something you can do by yourself to rid yourself of this pain!

And that one thing is bridging in all it’s variants, shapes, forms and guises.

If there was ever an “all in one” better exercise for the ENTIRE back and neck – and spine – and everything in between (six pack included), I’m YET to see it, my friend.

Combine bridging with a sensible eating program and regular exercise – the RIGHT types of exercise – and you will not only see fat fly off your frame at record speeds – but you’ll also rid yourself of  that pesky lower back pain – forever.

Get on the train now, my friend. It truly IS worth it.



P.S. – No more chiro visits required either. Get on the train right now – right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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