Thoroughbred LEGS
- The true "seat" of a man's power ...

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Dear Reader,

If there was one body part that you can instantly spot on a man (or woman, for that matter) – a body part that screams out RUGGEDNESS and overall STRENGTH – and health – or all of the above in one package, I’m sure you could guess which it would be.

And just in case the title of this email isn’t a dead giveaway – well – it’s them legs, my friend.

Legs and hips (and butt) – and while there are those that could make a very good case for the neck and forearms (and rightfully so) – nothing quite trumps a pair of massive, well muscled (or sleekly muscled) legs and butt in the overall “development” department.

The legs (along with the neck and forearms) are obviously a part which you can’t conceal in clothing.

Boobybuilders that look massive from the North end all try and wear them baggy jeans to conceal the “stork legs” – but it doesnt work to be honest.

And it works in reverse too. If you’ve got a solid and well developed,  athletic lower body – it’ll show.

In fact, it’ll show so much that even if you’ve got a little extra padding around your waist, that well developed lower body will give off the impression of being “not fat”.

That’s not to excuse excess pudge anywhere on the body of course, but I’m just stating the importance of well developed legs in terms of overall health and fitness, my friend.

As I climbed up the mountain today (and indeed, as I do these days) – people looked at me – and their gaze instantly swept “downwards” (NO, not there!) as I kept powering up the hill, leaving others in my wake.

One step after the other. Steady, solid steps uphill, with nary a false breath being taken – and if you can do that in extreme heat and humidity, and keep going for ages, well – then you’ve got a well developed lower body!

This, of course is part of the new “specialization” program I’m on these days. While I’m still cranking my upper body work, my new goal is to build an even more rugged pair of legs than before (legs and hips) – and so far, the work seems to be showing for sure – as evidenced above!

And more than looks – it’s about health.

Find a man with a well developed chest and upper body, and I’ll find you one with an even better developed upper body – and stork like legs that give out on a hike – or friendly walk up the stairs, for that matter.

Other hand, find me a man with a solidly developed pair of legs, and I’ll find you a man that is STRONG – overall!

Sure, there are fat folks with well developed legs – but these tend to be the boobybuilders at the gym cranking out squats with heavy weights which does very little in terms of reducing fat around the core and midsection – and on average, you’ll see that most folks with a well developed core and legs aren’t fat.

The hips and legs constitute over 50% of the muscle mass of the entire body. Work them hard, and you’ll automatically gain – ALL over your body.

And it’s amazing, but true – we hear all the hoo haa about “chest day”, for instance, but I’ve never once heard either the bros or the “average Joe” scream with delight at “leg day” – even though the latter brings huge gains in terms of the former!

Sure, building legs like I’m talking about is hard, hard work – but it’s worth it – in spades, my friend.

And apart from the overall health benefits, NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING beats the CONFIDENCE you get from walking around on legs like these – legs that scream STRENGTH, MUSCLE and brute POWER to all and sundry.

Legs that can seemingly go forever. Legs that can hike non stop. Legs that can jump rope non-stop. Legs that can … ah, but you get the picture, don’t you?

So if there is one takeaway from today’s email, my friend – it is THIS – train the hips and legs like you mean it.

Your body will thank you for it – in more ways than you ever thought possible!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Walking uphill is a great way to build the legs. So is jumping rope and running sprints. And of course, that eternal favorite – Hindu squats – which can be pounded out by the dozen and more right in your living room. Find out how to do ’em here –

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