Lightning sprints
- ... right out there in the pouring rain!

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Dear Reader,

It’s been a busy few days as of late, thats for SURE – and as I stood there yesterday, gasping for breath, lungs on fire, upper abs screaming as I desperately sucked in as much air as I could … it happened.


It sounded like a cannon going off right underneath me – it was that close, and the sound was THAT loud – and for a brief minute I stood there rooted to the spot, completely immobile.


It boomed again – only this time my conscious mind took over – and I recognized it for what it was, lightning – followed of course by torrential rain.

It’s been pouring cats and dogs here as usual – sometimes I wonder if I’m living in an actual city in Southern China – or on the canals in Venice, haha.

Either way though, I’m getting in my workouts regularly – and let me tell you something right now – there is something incredibly primeval about hill work (to begin with, if you do it right) – especially when combined with dark, menacing skies and rain – and thunder all around.

Not to mention trees falling around you. I literally had to sidestep a massive branch coming my way the other day – that was an interesting occurrence to say the least!

Hill sprints do more than just burn fat at rapid speeds. They make you feel good – invincible – like you’re made of CAST IRON – and the feeling you get when doing hill sprints in inclement weather with thunder cracking on nearby is nigh indescribable, my friend.

Of course, this ain’t to say you should be pounding out sprints in poor or dangerous weather conditions.

Far from it. Safety is #1 – and I for one hate the rain myself – not to mention the fact that it’s a huge pain to get my sneakers to properly dry out in weather that isn’t conducive to drying anything – if at all.

But if the weather refuses to let up wherever you’re at – be that hot weather – extreme heat – or extreme cold – or blizzards – or snowstorms – or whatever it is – well –  you just get out there – and get it done, my friend.

Do so, and you’ll feel all the more better for it!

I sure do – and on that note, this isn’t the only reason I mention “lightning” sprints.

Sprints are a tough exercise to begin with, and as you progress through your workout – you’ll find that the legs become progressively “heavier” if you do it right.

Especially if you pound hill sprints out in sets of 20 with minimal rest – BRUTAL to say the least – but here’s where the most powerful muscle in your body comes into play.

While sprinting, you don’t just get through the sets in a ho-hum manner. You give it your ALL – and not only that – you VISUALIZE while, during, before and after each sprint.

I’ve spoken about visualization so often that folks call me a stuck record for constantly mentioning it, but it is THAT DARN important, my friend.

As ole Mickey in Rocky I said, “You’re going to eat thunder, and crap lightning!”

“We need speed! Demon SPEED! Greasy fast lightning SPEED! Speed is what we need!”

Just saying those words to yourself while you sprint and recover will give you an incredible mental boost throughout your workout – and believe me, the boost will transcend over into the physical.

When your lungs are burning – legs are hurting – and “another sprint” – or another pushup – or another pull-up – seems like pure agony – well – change the PICTURE you have in your mind at that point, my friend.

Change the picture from “Oh, I can’t go no more” to “I’m literally FLYING” … and watch your results “fly” as well, hehe.

For those of you that are on board with visualization and it’s benefits, well, no more explaining required. Get down to brass tacks, and then just do it, my friend.

And for those that aren’t?

Well, try it and report back, my friend. It sure can’t hurt – that I do know!

And that it’s from rainy Southern China. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Stay tuned for tale on the Canton Fair here in Guangzhou China (which yours truly was at a coupla days ago) and “sprinting alongside a car”. More on that later!

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