Canton fair sprints
- And more on working exercise into your daily schedule

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Dear Reader,

So there I was, standing at the side of a busy road in Guangzhou, waiting for the cab to pick us up.

Guangzhou for those that don’t know is the capital of Guangdong province here in Southern China, and is also where the bi-annual Canton trade fairs are held every year.

A massive affair if I might say so, and I was there to help a lady with some business last week.

At the end of it all we called it a day – and decided to head home. And the lady that took us there called a car to pick us up on the “Didi” app – a ride hailing/sharing app that is immensely popular in China.

The Chinese equivalent of Uber, if I might say so. Actually it swallowed up Uber (China) a while ago, but thats another story …

Anyway, the guy couldn’t find us. Perhaps an issue with the GPS or something, but suddenly, I noticed the license plate of a car driving by.

“Rendy, is that … ” I asked absently, and then all of a sudden kicked into high gear, and started to sprint after the car that just drove by us on the road.

We had been waiting for a good 15 minutes or so for a car that was supposedly right next to us, and I didn’t want to wait any longer … and well … I took off like a hare, and kept up with the car in traffic if you can imagine the sight.

A long haired guy with a heavy backpack running a full sprint – BESIDE, not BEHIND a car going at least 30km/hr or so … on a busy road. Never a dull moment for yours truly, eh?

Anyway, as I finally hailed the guy and he stopped, and we piled in – I thought about it a bit more.

Let alone being out of breath after running at that speed – I was able to speak normally – as if I had done nothing at all.

As the lady puffed on behind me (after I stopped the car) she was in shock.

“I’ve never seen anyone run like that beside a car and run FASTER! You’re in excellent health!”

Truth be told, this sort of thing isn’t new to me, of course. I did it occasionally when I was at my leanest a coupla years ago – but and again – truth be told – I’d be so winded by the end of the sprint that I could barely talk.

Not so last week, my friend.

And all of this can be attributed to my hill sprints – and the special sort of training I partake of out there on the hills – stuff that keeps me in great, great shape – and RARING to go at the drop of a hat so to speak (I never wear one though, hehe).

Before the fair officially started, I remarked that it was going to be a long day.

And the lady nodded her head.

“Yes! Lots of walking!”

“You don’t think we’ll need more exercise after we’re done, do you?” I quipped.

“Of course not! Walking is the best exercise!”

And once we were done, and I had walked a sum total of probably 7-8 kms (that is a conservative guess) entering all the booths in the fair, negotiating prices etc … I felt like my entire body had been put through the grinder (and this was before the final sprint I’m referring to).

All we did was walk. Most of the time at a somewhat slow pace for me … but believe me, that took it’s toll – and for those of you that are seriously overweight, don’t be surprised if you drop a few kgs rightaway within days of starting a program consisting of nothing but WALKING.

And of course, it’s yet another example of how to incorporate exercise into your daily life, and lead a more active lifestyle in general.

Even if all you’re doing is walking outdoors – even if “all” you do is pop off 20 pushups in the morning and 20 at night – you’re a heck of lot further ahead than the vast majority of folks out there … and as you increase the activity levels in your daily life, them results you’ve been hankering after WILL come down the pike, and fast.

Trust me. Been there, done that, and living it daily!

And on that sanguine (or not perhaps) note I’ll say “Ciao” for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS (edit by the way, this is more than two years after writing this, hehe that I remembered to put this in) – Year before that, I remember Tracy of “India man very hot!” as king me to go to the trade fair with her, unfortunatly, I didnt do that.

She figured it out, of course.

I didnt want a change to my exercise routine!

“Dont worry, you’ll get plenty of exercise there!’ 

Ah, little did she know, the lovely CAROL was the reason I didnt go at the time, hehe.

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