Visualizing a FIT YOU
- Just do it, my friend!

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Dear Reader,

Today’s email will be a short one, but it will be one of the most “meaningful” ones you ever read – IF you have a mind that is OPEN to accepting new possibilities and boundless RESULTS.

Lots of people look away when they hear/read the words “visualization” or the “power of the mind” – and if that is you – well – no problem, my friend. Click away right now.

But for those interested in truly mind boggling, earth shattering spectacular results – in ALL spheres of life, well, read on.

It’s no secret that I’ve waxed lyrical about the power of visualization, and the immense benefits it has had for me – as well as EVERY other person that I’ve coached in this technique.

And I’m not just talking fitness. I’m talking business – I’m talking making money – even finding the “mate” of your dreams should you so desire.

Yes, we are what we think about – but it’s not as simple as simply “visualizing” once a day as the “experts” recommend.

It ain’t about simply “thinking” about the thing, although that is part of it.

It is … but wait.

You’re on this list, so I’m assuming you’ve got a keen interest in fitness.

Maybe some of you want to shed that unwanted beer belly.  Love handles. Get back into the “sleekest, cat like shape” you were in “all those years ago”, or perhaps even better.

Maybe you want shoulders like boulders.

Maybe you want biceps as big as soccer balls.

Whatever it is, take a minute to picture it – and then – – more importantly, FIND – – or DRAW a picture of this new YOU after you do.

When I say find, I mean for those of you that “were” in the sort of shape you are currently trying to get into.

It matters not if you’re a skilled artist or someone that can barely draw a square without messing it up (like me).

What matters is that the picture has meaning to you. Make sure you feel something when you look at the picture – or this entire exercise will be in vain

What also matters is that the picture is placed prominently someplace that you see all the time.

This could your computer desktop. It could be on top of the T.V., if you spend a lot of time regaling yourself in front of the boob tube.

It could be near the desktop calendar in your cube.

Wherever it is, make sure you see it often.

Do this for the next 30 days (in conjunction with a good fitness routine), and report back on your results, my friend.

I’ll be bet your nigh amazed at how far you’ve come.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – What I just gave away before is something I usually charge big bucks to coach people on.  However, it’s yours for FREE as a sort of “incentive” for being on this list. More such tips to come – stay tuned!

P.S. #2 – The 0 Excuses Fitness System has yet another real life, practical example of how a language student of all people made this work in terms of learning a new language. Click on over HERE to find out how – –

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