An occasional “break”
- ... and the results ...

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Dear Reader,

It’s no secret at all that I advocate training hard on a regular – and usually DAILY basis.

It’s NOT a secret either that I do so regularly myself – both at home – as well as outdoors – sometimes in weather that would have the most experienced of “thrill seekers” running for cover.

And yet, there are times where I simply cannot get my regular routine in – and have to be content with less than my regular routine – or perhaps a quick dose of 0 Excuses Fitness.

Mark my words, I do SOMETHING daily – and that quick dose does more good for the body that hours spent at the gym do for most people – but this isn’t about promoting the System, hehe.

This is about my recent two day break from hill climbing – due to a combination of weather, pressing business reasons – as well as something else I’m not going to mention here.

So for two days I didn’t climb my favorite hill – and I was nigh curious to see how my times would be when I got back on the stick (which was today).

I’ve been bettering my previous climb times almost each and every day for the past two weeks, and that ain’t no easy task in this hot, humid and subtropical weather -the kind of weather where sweat starts dripping off you almost as soon as you leave home – let alone do any form of exercise.

I was expecting it to be tougher today. I always take  a while to “get back into the groove” after a lay off – either short or long.

But funnily enough, as I climbed – it was the exact opposite!

I felt like I had pillars of steel instead of legs propelling me up that damn hill – twice as fast as most of the other seasoned exercise fanatics up there – and as I finished my third climb up the hill, a lady (who hadn’t even finished ONE climb up by then) looked on in awe and made the usual “Wah! Hao li hai!” comment.

(excellent, for those you that dont speak Mandarin Chinese).

And I say this not to toot my own horn – but to say THIS – that sometimes a short break from the more rigorous parts of your routine actually does you more GOOD than harm.

… as long as you do SOMETHING daily.

Back in the day, when I’d take breaks, I’d do very little on my days off – and though I didn’t know it – this was what caused me a while to “get back in the groove” as it were.

But now – I do something pretty much everyday – and although pull-ups and hiking are the mainstay of my CURRENT routine – I don’t take long at all to get back “into the groove” after a bit of a lay off.

Key thing being this – I do something on my days off – something that makes me sweat, huff and puff – even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Could be 100 Hindu squats. Could be a 100 pushups. Could be a brisk walk around the “hood”. Something – anything – and that makes the regular tough leg’n’back workouts that much easier when I get back on the stick!

So that’s the tale for today. I BE a buzzing – and on that note, it’s adios, amigos.

I’ll be back later – – oh, and I’ve received a request to have my 0 Excuses Fitness BOOK translated into Spanish. We’ll see if there are any takers for that – I’ll keep y’all updated!


Rahul Mookerjee

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