Chest and triceps … and LEGS!
- And a novel way indeed to work them!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve been preaching about the benefits of heavy leg work for eons now, and with darn good reason.

Heavy leg (and back) work works the ENTIRE body into the ground – and those that do this on a regular basis are “curiously enough” (or perhaps not!) far likelier to have a deep, strong chest and broad shoulders without even doing any direct work for them – as opposed to someone that spends all his time on the bench press.

But what if there was a way that you could do a lot of leg work – and up the ante in terms of chest work even more?

Well, it’s possible my friend. It certainly is – and was today!

You probably remember me saying I wasn’t sore from my workout in the pool the other day, huh?

Workout -cum- swimming lesson, and while I wasn’t sore in the slightest after that workout, I might have spoken too soon.

I did a special workout in the pool today that has left me MEGA sore – and this is a mere couple of hours after my workout (which of course included training my daughter in between laps and mega-shennanigans as well if you get my drift!).

And what did it comprise of?

Well simple – the almighty BREAST stroke – and the butterfly stroke – both strokes that most folks don’t do when it comes to swimming – or if they do it, they do it incorrectly.

And this isn’t surprising. While the breast stroke gets a rap for being the most “leisurely” stroke there is – the reality is that it along with the butterfly is one of the most taxing strokes there is in the pool.

And again, you gotta learn and do it right.

The frog kick by itself works the entire core and lower body – especially the thighs and the groin area. For those of you with that stubborn lower belly fat – well – THIS kick is the one you need to practice in the pool as opposed to the flutter kick used in the front crawl.

And if you’re looking to build a strong, deep chest – and “swimmer’s shoulders” – not to mention do heavy tricep work – well – the “fan” motion by the upper body during the breast stroke and butterfly are one of the very best ways to GET said attributes in the pool.

Now, it goes without saying that while swimming is a great workout, you have to learn – and do it right.

Not everyone is able to swim the breaststroke for laps galore in an Olympic sized pool, let alone the butterfly. More to the point, we don’t all have a pool right next door to jump into, although we’d love to – especially during the summer time !

So as I sit here, triceps and chest burning, and groin aching (get your mind outta the gutter, hehe) – I’m reminded of when I first started to pound out a 100 pushups a day – and the very first day I did 500 during the day.

Much the same effect was felt – ALL over the body – and for those of you that don’t have a pool – or hill – nearby – well, pushups leave you with NO excuses, my friend.

All you need is your body and a few sqyare feet of space and you’re set.

And do it right – and you’ll literally get the best workout of your life in 15 minutes or less. You CAN go longer if you like – I often do – but do you have to?

Heck no – and thats the best part about the 0  Excuses Fitness System – superior overall body results in the shortest amount of time possible!

Jump on board TODAY, my friend. It truly is the best fitness system out there on the planet, and that’s saying something!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Summer time is HERE, and it’s time to get that six pack – or 12, if you so choose, hehe. And the exercises you need in order to GET there are right here –

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