The royal road to a VICE like GRIP!

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Dear Reader,

Whoa! Sure been a while since I last posted, and if any of you other than the “faithful” (and you know who you are, hehe) have been hanging on – well – THANK you.

And before sparks start to fly about my tardiness – – hey. I get it! As a friend of mine recently told me “0 Excuses for not posting, Rahul!”

Agreed in full, and what can I say eh.

Anyway, I’ve been busier than a bee since July. It’s been one thing after the other, and being that my trading (and coaching) businesses have REALLY taken off, it’s been hectic to say the least.

Again, no excuses, but I’ve been forced to put this on the backburner for a while … or should I say I HAD been, hehe.

There’s one thing that I have NOT put on the backburner though – that being – the obvious (for me, at any rate) – my workouts.

That’s right. While workouts would be the first thing to skip for most people when the going gets “busy”, I’m still hitting it hard and heavy as ever – and I attribute a lot of my recent success to this one reason alone.

Laugh if you like, but it’s true, my friend.  It’s true. Workouts done the right way give you increased productivity only you 0 Excuses fitness maniacs and fitness fanatics in general will know, and that, to quote ole Stone Cold – is really the bottom line, my friend.

And amidst all this, my forearms have grown bigger and stronger than ever – and all with one main tweak to my routine

Actually, I should say with one main “add back” into my routine – a trick that I’ve mentioned galore in Gorilla Grip and a lot of the other books, but a trick that falls by the wayside more often that not.

A trick that was used by oldtimers and REAL strongmen alike to build grips of STEEL.

A trick that was used and still IS used by boxers, martial artists, and those in the military, and anyone that’s really serious about their training.

A trick that requires nothing but a pull-up bar, your body, and TWO exercises.

Now, I’m not going to state the obvious and wax lyrical on the first one, but what is the second, you ask?

Well, it’s an exercise that Dan Hodge for one (he of the “crushing pliers” like grip) used galore to build the fingers of rebar he had.

Jack La Lanne did it a lot too. So did (and probably still does) Herschel Walker. And so do plenty of other serious trainees.

And it is – the fingertip pushup, my friend.

Yes, that is it.

Simple, you say?

Well, yes – but the simplest thing often work the best, and in conjunction with the other exercise that I mentioned (not) above – – well – – there is NO other and better way to work the forearms and entire upper body in general into the GROUND.

And my own forearms bear testimony to this, hehe, as do the “kung fu “grip like comments I keep receiving so often.

While the combo in itself sounds simple, in reality it’s anything but. Do things the wrong way, and you could end up with a nasty injury or worse.

Form is critical too, especially when you’re doing fingertip pushups. You do NOT, crazy as this might sound, my friend, actually do them on your “fingertips”.

There is a METHOD to the madness, and all of it is covered well enough in 0 Excuses Fitness – the one exercise System you do NOT want to miss my friend.

Go here, and check it out right now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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