Leg and back work – and WHY
- And it sure is WORTH it ...

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Dear Reader,

For those of you that have been following me, you know the importance I place upon regular, heavy duty, take no prisoners LEG – and BACK work.

These are the most ignored components in most modern day training routines – and so – is it any surprise that most so called “strong” guys at the gym fall flat on their face when confronted with any REAL strength test?

Let’s say you’re tasked with carrying 80 year old Grandma up a flight of stairs – or 5 (I live on the fifth floor of a building currently and there aren’t any elevators) – or even 15.

Let’s say you received a 50 kg shipment – that you have to haul by your lonesome to your office – or workplace – and that hauling includes 10 minutes of walking in the hot sun – and a climb up 7 flights of stairs – a walk back – and then back again – and then up the stairs again.

Or, let’s assume you have to run – simply RUN – as fast as you CAN – to SAVE YOUR LIFE (which might not be a remote possibility given how things are these days, but I’ll leave that be for another day).

All these are situations we encounter in our lives often, and I wouldn’t be shitting ya to tell you most of the boobybuilders and pumpers at the gym would run for the hills (literally) when confronted with any of these challenges.

Or, and this is true, they’d drop dead from a heart attack (true story – see Shoulders like Boulders for more on this).

The real value from your training comes from how USEFUL it is in your daily life, my friend – not so much how it makes you look. Although that is a desirable side effect, it is NOT why you should be training in the first place.

I was recently confronted with the 50 kg situation I mentioned above, and I can very confidently say that it was my daily training that allowed me to hammer out that situation with little or no problems.

I’d be lying to say I wasn’t flattened at the end of it, of course. Try lugging unwieldy 25kg packages over hilly terrain and up and down flights of stairs – or simply walk with it in the hot sun, and you’ll see what I mean …

And the key to all this – is – and again – heavy duty LEG and back work.

Training the legs and back are absolutely VITAL to your training regimen, my friend.

And a key, key component is SQUATTING – except not with heavy weights that injure you and make you slow and bulky.

No, the key is to train with your own bodyweight – as in, Hindu squats.

‘Twas raining this morning, so I couldn’t do my hill climbs (another awesome way to get your legs and back in shape, and FAST) – so I pumped out 250 squats.

Mind you, I haven’t done these in a while and I expect some major league soreness tomorrow – but damn, they felt GOOD!

My shoulders, chest and upper traps all feel like they’re been hammered – within 15 minutes.

I was going to stop at that, but I felt so good that I pumped out another 100 pushups – mostly on my fingertips – and that was the perfect 6:10 AM start to my day, if I might say so.

Legs and back, my friend. Legs and back.

You may not have a hill near you. You may not even have stairs, or a swimming pool near you.

But you DO have your own body – and a few square feet of space – and a few spare MINUTES to train.

And that’s all you need.

Zero excuses, pally. Get on the stick NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Work into Hindu squats slowly. If you’re starting out, exercise due caution. I cover all this in the book and videos – – as well as the blog, but again – as they say – make haste – but with due caution – and slowly!

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