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Dear Reader

In my writings, I’ve often referred to a good friend of mine – an ex-Marine – and a giant of a man physically – but what I haven’t often spoken about is something that is a key tenet of his life philosophy if I might say so.

We often “shoot the bull” over this over a couple of cold ones, and he often chides me for not sticking to (well, to the letter, at any rate, hehe!) the core concepts of what they were taught in boot camp – and something that ALL Marines are taught – that being – to improvise – ADAPT – and overcome!

Now there is certainly nothing at all wrong with this philosophy if I might say so – but I’m often times a bit bull headed about gut feelings – and I only adapt when my gut tells me to, which is where we differ – at times.

Now, what is the point of all this?

Well – it is this – my friend, that to me, all three sections of that above statement are nigh important – but ADAPTABILITY is the MOST important by far.

You have to adapt at whatever life throws at ya – on the fly often times. Nothing ever goes according to “plan” in life – and this holds doubly true if you’re an entrepreneur – business person – a soldier in the battlefield – a sportsperson battling it out on top stage – or just your average Joe that believes in “living life a day at a time”.

It matters now whether you’re talking business – or sports – or fitness – or relationships – adaptability (along with persistence) is what will you get you to the top rung of that ladder, my friend.

This morning I was hit with a situation where I couldn’t work out at my normal time – and when I did finally show up – I saw that sections of the hill I so love to workout on on occasion were cordoned off for whatever reason.

I could have just given up and gone home – but I did not.

I found a way to get it done – and boy did I – and I feel GREAT now.

Business wise, there have been tons of issues going on – all of which have tested my faith to the extreme – and all of which require ADAPTABILITY.

You can improvise all you like, but if you don’t (or if your mind doesn’t) ADAPT – all of it might as well be water down the drain, if I might say so.

Mental adaptation is nigh important, my friend – and I say that one more time.

Henry Ford got to where he did because of persistence – but ADAPTING on the FLY was how he corrected the flaws in all his various (early) models.

Believe it or not, he learned on the job as it were. His initial cars were met with scorn – derision – and when they did start to sell, they were plagued by various problems.

But he persisted – and ADAPTED according to demand – and the rest is history.

I’ve often spoken about the famous case where Ford tasked his engineers to build a 8 cylinder motor in one block.

They all agreed to a man that it was impossible, and yet, Ford would have none of it.

I want it, and I’ll have it! 

A year and a half later, the solution magically “appeared” as it out of nowhere, and while this speaks volumes to Henry Ford’s persistence, it all shows you the value of ADAPTING.

I’m sure his engineers wouldn’t have eventually hit upon the solution if their minds hadn’t adapted to the possibility of finding the solution one day – no matter how.

And in terms of fitness, that is precisely what is so awesome about the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

No hill? No treadmill?

No problemo, mi amigo. Hit the squats – and jumping squats – and you’ll quickly be burning fat off your frame so fast you’ll wonder why you ever needed the above.

No benching machines and bros dripping with sweat “pumping and tonight”?

No problemo, my friend. Pound out some handstand pushups as I did today – and that’s probably the only upper body workout you’ll need for the entire day – or two, hehe.

Improve – ADAPT – and then overcome.

Go “git her done”!!


Rahul Mookerjee

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