“But it cost 10 k and will reduce 60 kg”
- ... I've never quite heard something so so foolish, but there is always a first time in life!

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Dear Reader,

So, I’ve written at length in the past about people trying to “weasel” discounts off yours truly.

People trying to find every excuse in the book to get “something for nothing” (by the way, if you haven’t read that post do so NOW – right after finishing this email).

People finding every excuse in the book to NOT exercise the way they should – or worse, not exercise at all. Some of these excuses are downright laughable at best and utterly retarded at worst, of course.

Stuff that makes you go “how did this guy – or gal – ever think of this in the first place”.

Well, I think I’ve seen it all – – or I THOUGHT I had until yesterday.

My LinkedIn Inbox recently received this comment from a person that falls into the first category above.

“Hi but it cost 10k but and it will reduce 60 kg, i just want to reduce 10 kg…if you can help me in this it will be great for you….”

From the person’s name, and from what she says, it seems she is from India – a land where I have a customer aplenty, and yet, my first response to this (mentally) was something quite unprintable – and no – by that I dont mean what it sounds like.

In short – I was going to respond with one brief statement “How asinine a question can someone ask” – or – and perhaps better, simply this ” . . . “??

For those that doubt the veracity of what I’m saying – hey – I’m more than happy to provide a screen shot if need be – I simply haven’t done so to avoid making the person’s name public.

10 k apparently refers to INR (which seems to roughly equate to USD 149.99) – – and apparently this makes this lady think that paying 10 k will result in a miraculous 60 kg loss.


Apparently because I’ve championed my own story (every darn bit TRUE, by the way) on my site galore in terms of getting down from a pretty sizeable 120 kgs to 60.

Of course, how she drew the parallel between “10 k” and “60 kg” is beyond comprehension – but hey “.  .  .” !!

How she drew the parallel between “just losing 10 kg” and the price is also beyond comprehension, at least for me.

And so, as I’m left shaking my head in bewilderment, the only thing I can ask YOU, my dear reader to do is shake your head – and enjoy a well deserved laugh. Heck, if you’ve gotten thus far without spitting out your morning coffee – afternoon tea – or nightly brew of choice – you deserve that laugh – and a double dose of it at that, hehe.

And once you’re done laughing – rest assured that we’ll return to regular service tomorrow. I’ve been following a special routine as of late that has my hips and buttocks sore as HECK – and I’ll be divulging details on this shortly.

Be on the outlook for that. Until then – be sure and SMASH that workout today – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Maybe a 149 buckeroonie investment equates to 149 lbs of weight loss? Ha, ha, ha!


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