Shake limbs, release STRESS
- ... and a few stretches as well - as well as WHERE we hold a lot of stress ...

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Dear Reader,

Today’s email might sound a bit goofy – or even a bit batty (NO puns intended with regard to this C-virus currently going around!!) – but bear with me.

If there is one thing that most people are “afflicted” with these days, it is this – STRESS.

It isn’t so much being unfit – or fat – or grossly overweight – or even thin and unfit – or a combo of the others that bothers the average Joe or Jane so much as STRESS does – and along with stress, a creaky, aching body that seems way older than it is.

Now yes, I could wax lyrical about the 0 Excuses Fitness System and regular exercise here, of course. Or, I could go on and on about the importance of proper sleep and regular massage. Or … but no, I’m not going to get into any of those details in this here email.

Today’s email is about a few tips to release STRESS from your body quicker than you can say voila – but before we do so – understand WHERE the average person stores most of his her stress.

The neck, traps and upper back are prime areas for “stocking a lot of stress” as is the lower back. Both due to too much time spent sitting (with improper posture in many cases) – – as well as a lot of time on the dumbphone or computer (or both).

Along with this, the hamstrings are another area that are tight as heck for many people – even super fit folks may have an issue with tight hamstrings. I know – as I did for many years, and still do if I don’t work this area assiduously (I’ve been born with, amongst other things, naturally tight hamstrings).

Fitness and “peak performance” aside, it’s vital to remove the stress for these parts of your body  and get the “qi” flowing again, my friend – or in plain English, get your body’s energy centers WORKING FOR you – as opposed to against you.

Being loose and relaxed flows over into other areas of your life as well.  You won’t just feel better – you’ll perform better – and you’ll notice that things start to “flow” into your life, just as it was meant to be. But for the purpose of this email, let’s just stick to physical feeling …

And now, the “what to do”.  Here goes!

The first tip is to do what the subject of this emails tells you to do. Simply shake your arms while holding them loose and shrugging repeatedly – and take deep breaths while doing so.

Do this while walking, or standing – and remember to inhale and exhale deeply as you do so.

You may think it makes you look goofy, but this is one of the very best ways of removing stress from your upper body – and FAST, at that – not to mention get the blood flowing quickly.

Combine this with shaking your legs together as if they were jelly (wobbly jelly) – and you’ve got a perfect “shake and destress” routine for the entire body right there.

And before you diss me by saying “it’s too simple” – well – TRY it, my friend. Just TRY it first, and then comment upon it. YES, the simplest things sometimes work the best!

Another way of destressing the upper body and back in particular is the FORWARD stretch.

I’ve spoken often about the benefits of the bridge in all it’s various shapes, forms and variations – as well as wall walks – but I’ve always mentioned, both in the book and the video, that it is EQUALLY important to stretch FORWARD as well.

Finish off your bridging routine by touching your toes – knees straight – and hold for a while. For those of you with tight hamstrings and shoulders, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel after a few minutes of holding this position (along with the bridge, of course)!

Once done with that, move on to the downward dog position in the Hindu pushup. Really stretch – look back at your feet – keep the legs STRAIGHT – and you’ll feel the stretch ALL over your body – and you’ll feel GREAT after a minute or so after this.

If you’ve ever wondered why a cat – or dog – stretches forward to begin their day – well – now you know!

Best part about all of this though is this – you can get this done literally anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Feeling overly stressed? Tight traps? No problem – get down and shake and stretch a little – and feel the energy flow again, my friend.

Combine that with regular walking – or hiking – or swimming – and of course, the best fitness system on the planet – and that is ALL you need to do to arrive at “De Stress Central” – permanently!

And that is that for today’s note. Be back again with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where to find the best exercise System on the planet –

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