When they say “you’ll never … “
- ... and the PERFECT way to handle criticism

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Dear Reader,

What I am about to say today might come as a bit of a “boot to the ass” (or shock, hehe) to many, especially considering this (insanely, in my opinion) politically correct world we live in, but hold on to yer horses for a minute, my friend.

Read what I have to say, and perhaps you’ll agree as well.

I think you’ll agree with me, my dear reader, that society today these days seems to have turned into the exact opposite of what it SHOULD be. Speaking one’s mind freely seems to attract criticism rather than praise – and stating facts for what they are seems to attract even more censure.

For instance, I once called out a lady as being “grossly obese” (and I believe I used the words “lard lump” as well).

Before you jump on me with swords drawn, ladies and gents, remember that this sort of thing is something I NEVER EVER say to others at “first glance”.  In fact I’ll do all I can to help and uplift the person – as opposed to drag them down, but when said person refuses to move off the couch or shake a limb even despite the grossly obese state he/she is in, “harsh” words are in order!

And how you take those harsh words is up to YOU, my friend.

You could moan and groan about me being rude – or piss and moan about “bodyshaming” – or anything of that nature.

Or, you could get pissed – real pissed – and then channel that emotion into something CONSTRUCTIVE!

What do I mean?

Well, a few years ago a person (a family member to be accurate, and for those of you that have been reading these newsletters – I’ll let you guess who, hehe) pointed at my stomach and exclaimed with a disgusted expression on his face “You’re obese! Literally so!”

“Your stomach is hanging over your pants!”

And it was, to be honest. Those were my “120 kg” days – and the other side of the coin of course is that one living in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones i.e. this person at the time (and indeed throughout his life) has never quite been the epitome of fitness if I might say so.

No, that is NOT me being negative – that is me stating a fact. 

Or, let’s take the scores of people that said “You’ll never get down to the waist levels you had when you were 23!”

Or, and this is probably the most galling “You’ll never be able to make money doing your own thing!” (this from a good friend mind you – and WELL intentioned!)

My response to all of the above could have been to sulk and moan – or grip about how “negative” said folks were – or sit back and complain about how it was none of their biz.

And while I may have been somewhat right on the above fronts, the FACT remains that it wouldn’t have changed anything about ME for the better.

My response to the weight comment was to get pissed – and file away that memory in the annals of my brain – and then get to WORK getting the FITTEST I’ve ever been.

And every time I climbed that hill, every pull-up I did, every last pushup I did – those words rang out in my mind – and did nothing but increase the satisfaction I felt from having gotten through another hard, hard workout!

The quickest way to shut folks up, my friend is RESULTS – and once you get those results, believe me, words are NOT necessary.

My response to the “you’ll never make money” comment – well, I think we all know the answer to that one don’t we?

Key thing is though – don’t respond “in kind”.

There is a saying which goes as follows – never get into a piss fight with a skunk. Doing so won’t benefit you one bit other than the external and hollow “satisfaction” of having “replied in kind” – but doing as Napoleon Hill said will benefit you IMMENSELY.

Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW them first!

So the next time someone says “never” (or makes comments to that end) – and you get angry – or upset – or worse – stop for a minute and ponder what I’ve said.

They said you’re obese?

No problem, my friend. Get pissed – get angry – work yourself up into a frenzy over it – and then – most importantly – get to WORK to DISPROVE what they said!

Additionally, there is a darn good reason as to why one should “never say never” – and I think I’ve covered that above too!

Get angry – and CHANNEL that anger, my friend.  That’s the key right there – and that right there is what today’s email is all about.

What have YOU done today towards getting in the best shape of your life? Write back, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – For more such motivational tips, check out Gumption Galore – right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

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