The simplest and quickest way to SUPER fitness
- ... and the most underrated exercise ever

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Dear Reader,

Yesterday I wrote to you about how to handle criticism and negativity (perceived or not) – and also about fitness – and weight loss (and comments related to the same).

I referred to my own “120 – 60” story in that email (I didn’t mention the numbers specifically, but the comments I referred to should give you a good idea of the situation back then!).

Anyway, one of my TOP weapons – if not THE top weapon against the “bulge” is something so simple you’d laugh at me if I mentioned it here (which I will, hehe).

It’s something so simple you might not even think it to be exercise – but it IS.

It’s something that was KEY and INSTRUMENTAL in getting me in the sort of shape I am in today – and it is something that can pretty much be done anywhere.

It’s something that almost EVERYONE, REGARDLESS of their current shape or fitness levels can partake in – and take advantage of to win the “battle against the bulge” as it were.

And it’s an activity whose benefits extend way, way beyond the mere physical.

What is it?

Well, I’ll tell you – but first …

My own morning routine in China consists of, and has consisted of for YEARS – waking up in the A.M., and pounding a jug of water first thing.

About 2 liters of water – and this here little activity is one of the best things you can do for yourself- and your body – and YES, with regard to your weight loss goals as well.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up not only hydrates the entire body – but it also “wakes up the entire body” (in terms of organs) – and I’m not just speaking metamorphically here.

Your stomach gets “flushed out” – and the liver gets the necessary “hydration” required to perform it’s job well for the entire day. Ditto for your muscles and bones – remember – the body, believe it or not, seem like it or not – is 60% WATER – and the more pure water you put into your system, the better off you’ll be.

And after this, what I did was the “simple activity” I’m referring to.

That being putting one leg in front of the other – WALKING.

That’s right. WALKING uphill daily – and keeping at it – was one of the KEYS to my rapid weight loss – and so – it is any surprise that I devote an entire CHAPTER to it in 0 Excuses Fitness?

Is it any surprise that this one simple activity can prolong your life by several year – even without additional exercise?

And while walking on level ground won’t give you quite the same results as uphill walks will – there are always ways to make your walks tougher – stairs being one prime example.

And the benefits of walking extend beyond the physical.

In China I live in a gated apartment complex (“hua yuan”, or garden as the Chinese like to call it) – and I’d often go for long walks in my garden at night – or indeed in the afternoon on occasion.

These weren’t brisk walks – and had NOTHING whatsoever to do with losing weight.

And even today, when I’m faced with a tough problem – or a business situation I need to resolve – or if I’m just looking for more ideas on new products, books etc – often times, taking a long “meditative” walk seems to be the “way out”.

During these walks I don’t actively ponder what I am trying to resolve.

I simply put one foot in front of the other – connect with the great outdoors – and focus upon my breathing – and a short while later (or perhaps long, depending) I return to my work supercharged – and READY TO GO!

And if you do this right, YOU TOO, my friend can experience the same benefits.

There is more to this, and I’ll cover it all in my member’s circle for those interested – but for now – remember the one (or two, I believe) tips I gave you in this email. They’ll serve you well for your entire life – THAT much is for sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

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