“My fat pants don’t fit well so I wore a dress”
- .... "I've been avoiding the scale"

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Dear Reader,

So, for those of you that have been living under a rock (figuratively speaking, hehe) and haven’t yet heard about the C-virus – rest assured that pretty much the whole of China is on extended “lockdown” due to this SARS-like-virus.

The provinces of Hubei and Zhejiang, two of the country’s most popolous provinces are on official lockdown – and in China when there is a lockdown, my word, it IS a lockdown.

People aren’t being able to leave their houses unless offical sanction is obtained – and neither can they drive on the roads freely – and neither can they step out without wearing face masks – all of which are in short supply.

And while those are the two areas under “official” lockdown, the rest of the country is on unofficial lockdown pretty much.

So, folks have been confined to their homes pretty much – and while personally speaking I believe these measures are a case of “shutting the stable door after the horse long done bolted” – it is what it is, my friend.

And of course, “sitting at home” brings with it the issue of weight gain.

This afternoon, I was browsing through one of my WeChat groups – a group that a local pizza owner has set up.

“Anyone gain weight since this outbreak started”, he asks.

And instantly, there was a flood of responses.

“I’ve been avoiding the scale” – said one gentleman (who goes by the nick “Escaped Lunatic, hehe”).

“My fat pants didnt fit last week. I decided something had to be done. so I went back  to dresses. It’s been working very well!”, chimed in another lady.

There is more, but thats enough of a Sunday titter, me thinks.

Funny part is that these fine folks and others not mentioned here are flooding social media with “complaints” of “getting fat” – all the while apparently eating tons of food at home “because they’re bored and have nothing to do”.

Gorging on pizza certainly ain’t the best way to keep one’s weight down – and neither is stuffing one’s gourd with cheese, wines, and all this other stuff that seems to be the rage right on social media, especially with expats in China (but probably locals too).

As for yours truly, I’m very very glad to report that I haven’t gained a lick of weight whatsover, but it also bears mentioning that I did the sensible thing, and did NOT substitute “boredom” for “eating”.

In fact, I wasn’t bored at all – my own fitness System gave me all the exercise I needed, and my writing etc keeps me busy as it always does!

So if you’re stuck at home for whatever reason, folks, and cannot workout (though there never is an excuse for not exercising at home) – then WATCH YOUR DIET!

Eat LESS – not MORE!

Once you start working out, of course, you have full license to eat more – and weigh less at the same time, and that my dear reader, are the measures you need to take when “your fat pants don’t fit well last week” as opposed to skirting the issue and “hiding under baggy flowing dresses”.

That last one REALLY made me laugh, by the way, hehe – and I’ll end this here. Plenty of brickbat coming my way I’m sure – send ’em over, hehe – just make sure they’re all officially approved for the lockdown!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did I say “Eat More – Weigh Less”?? Showl did, friend – I’ve got PROOF that it is VERY doable – and here is where you can learn more about it – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

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