“Sir, you’re hardcore! You’re really KILLING it!”
- ... And more "ironman" related comments

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Dear Reader,

So, yesterday I wrote about weight gain while on lockdown at home – and as I finished that post, an idea came to mind – for today’s post!

Hark back to “pre C virus” days, when yours truly was doing his daily hill climbs etc – and as I finished my second climb up the mighty HILL that I write so often about – I saw a couple of ladies motoring up the hill.

Or wheezing up the hill, I should say. American ladies if I’m not mistaken, and both of these gals were FAT, my friend – no two ways around that – and I’m being polite here, mind you!

Other hand, it was commendable that they were doing something about it – so as I breezed past them, I gave them a little smile of acknowledgement. Not sure if they noticed it or  not though …

On my way down, I noticed these two ladies still at it – climbing the hill.

As I finished climb #3, I saw the two ladies again – puffing and panting (they had just finished THEIR climb #1).

I didn’t pause for breath.

Off it was for climb #4, and as I went about that climb, I saw these two ladies descending the hill slowly.

And as I went past them, one of them called out.

“Sir, you’re hardcore indeed!”

The other chimed in with “Yes, indeed! This is the third time you’re climbing the hill – you’re really KILLING it!”

“Ironman levels!” …

And as this was being said, and the two ladies were asking me if I was indeed planning on participating in a triathlon, I managed to get in a word sideways (I know, I know, hehe).

“Not climb #3. It’s #4”, I s aid with a big smile on my face.

“Fouuuuuuurrrrr!” chimed lady #1, as if it was some sort of hymn she was chanting in church or something.

“Fourrrrrr! Make that five!” laughed the other lady.

“Nah, not quite at that level as yet!” I laughed back, and bade goodbye to them.

Actually, that last bit wasn’t quite true. Back in the day I’d hike this same hill 6-7 times daily – multiple times a day – but I did NOT want to give these two ladies more of a shock than I already did, hehe.

And that sort of thing, along with actual results vindicates all the hard work I put in on a regular basis in my workouts.

It’s indeed nice to swing by the pizza dude ‘s(remember yesterday’s email?) place and have him note “you’re in excellent shape!”

And of course, the “you look like a movie star” comments that have been made in the past …

Let’s face it, folks. We ALL want to look – and feel – GREAT – but most of us are too lazy to put in the work to get there!

And I’m here to tell you that there is NO way around hard work, my friend. Often times I would feel like quitting during my climbs (yes, even this Ironman has feelings!) – but I did NOT.

I kept going – just kept going – and the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT at the end of each workout was nigh indescribable.

Same for the pushup workouts – extreme bridging – and other workouts!

And writing that bit fired me up so much that I’m off to do some squats. Sure do wish this lockdown would end soon though – I miss my beloved hill too much!

And on that note, it’s adios for now. Back again tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You can read MORE about my hill routines in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – as well as get into the best shape of your life if you put in the WORK required – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


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