“I got most of my pressing power from handstand pushups”
- ... when the great Doug Hepburn speaks - you listen!

Dear Reader,

I’ll start today’s post off with a bit of a ramble down memory lane, hehe.

Back in the day  – -way, way back in the day, I was obsessed with one thing, and one thing alone – strength – or should I say, SUPER strength.

I read every bit of material I could find on the internet in terms of getting fit – and (specifically) strong – which isnt surprising considering I was but a teenager at that point in time, hehe.

A mere lad, and though I did everything I could research on training – and doing so the right way – I was fed a bunch of garbage for the most part.

Then I started to research how boxers, wrestlers and old time strongmen of yore trained – and things changed – dramatically!

I incorporated pushups into my routine, and kept doing them – until the age of 25 or so (actually, until the present, hehe) – – and my strength increased proportionately.

(Of course, I didn’t know about some of the special style of pushups that I do now – – if I had – – it would have really made things easier for me – – and good news is, YOU have all that info available right at your “here” fingertips, hehe – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ )

And then one fine day, I started to incorporate HANDSTAND PUSHUPS into my routine – and PRESTO! Things changed, and how.

My chest, shoulders and entire upper back added a whole new layer of muscle within a couple of weeks – – and I started to grow out of my shirts at the “ripe young age of 34”, as it were – – and I have never looked back since.

Those of you that are interested in real shoulder development – well – that’s the key right there, my friend. Make your mind up to get good at these – real good!

And if you needed added proof, here is what the great Doug Hepburn, old time Canadian strongman – and champion weight lifter that set numerous records in the benchpress and squat (and probably dozens of others) has to say about the handstand press –

I did get most of my pressing power from handstand presses at which I did fifteen reps at a bodyweight of 245 pounds. 

And coming from a man that set a world record for the first 500 lb bench press – heck – I’d take that seriously, my friend!

And for those of you that keep complaining about “heavier folks not being able to do bodyweight exercises” – – fooey! You’ve got proof there if there ever was one – – and if you need more – – well – – search the annals of 0 Excuses Fitness for more!

Well, my friend, that is that for now. I’m so pumped upon reading I think I’m gonna do do some handstand pushups right as of now, hehe!


Rahul Mookerjee

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