“I ignored my legs because I wanted to look sexy for the girls”
- ... and when a million dollar star says this - you better believe it!

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Dear Reader,

The title of today’s email should come as no surprise with regard to the strong words (some may even say ‘rant’) that follow – especially not to those of you that have been reading my stuff for a while.

Certainly not to those of you 0 Excuses faithful – and certainly NOT to those of you that are staunch fans of the 0 Excuses daily newsletter – and if there ever a “cornerstone” philosophy of my fitness program (other than to not make ridiculous excuses) – it is this – WORK THE LEGS AND BACK HEAVILY!

That’s right, my friend – it’s so important that I say it about every four emails or so, and with good reason, as it seems to slide off folks back like water off a duck’s back – and thats not good – both in terms of physical development and/injuries – and even if you’re training just for looks as a certain “Dre Russ” was, hehe (pelican legs, anyone – although “Dre” doesn’t have those, he would certainly have been in way, way better shape had he … ah, but let’s get on with it!).

For those wondering Andrea Russell a.k.a “Dre Russ” is a big hitting West Indian cricketer – powerfully built, and one of the guys that gets paid a premium to play in the world’s best paid “inter club” cricket tournament against stars all over the world – that being the IPL (Indian Premier League).

Cricket for those you that don’t know isn’t “that boring old sport where folks toss balls at a guy lazily standing 22 yards or so away for five days”, hehe. The sport has evolved, and how – and it’s catching on back Stateside too as well as other countries globally, and with good reason.

Anyway, Andre Russell had this to say (after his nth injury and knee surgery – – which prevented him from being near as athletic on the field as he COULD have- – and probably from racking up even more impressive numbers than he already has).

“I used to go to the gym and work only on my abs and shoulders because I wanted to look sexy for the girls”.

He goes to say that all young “Dre Russ” fans/wannabe should NOT make the same mistake he did. He also goes on to say that while he started encountering knee pain when he was 23/24 – he (foolishly) ignored it, and only had knee surgery when it got “unbearable” at a later date (around 29).

And his words ring true, of course.

In Shoulders like Boulders (on the sales page) I mention the case of a boobybuilder that had not one, but TWO heart attacks at an age where most are barely beginning to “make their mark upon the world”, if I might say so – and despite looking good, he could barely swim a gentle lap around the pool without huffing and puffing in agony (and probably couldn’t do a pushup to save his life).

Dre Russ has an admirably “buff” upper body, my friends, but at what cost? At what cost I ask, as the superstar comes out and says it himself (and kudos to you Andre – most folks are way too scared to say it like it it. You have – and bonus points to you for that!).

“Unfortunately at 23 you’re fearless and I used to ignore that pain and I always gave it a quick fix by taking painkiller and kept running”.

And he aint the only one, my friend. Visit any gym and you’ll see the “pelican leg” sydrome on full show – along with the weird and overbalanced look that comes from working the chest heavily and little or no corresponding work being done upon the BACK, my friend.

Yours truly was the opposite at the age of 23 (luckily, hehe). I followed my gut – and did plenty of hiking – and pushups – and pull-ups and many other things – – and all of that has held me in good stead over the years – – right until the “ripe” old age of 39, hehe, with nary a twinge of knee pain or any other problem.

There’s a lesson in all this, methinks. . .

Anyway, for those of you with knee pain, or weak legs in general –  there are always things you CAN do, my friend.

Hindu squats, for instance, are one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen the knees – and legs in general.  Hindu jumper squats as show in the workout videos take the regular squats to another level, my friend.

As is rope jumping – – and hiking. And good ole walking too – – done at a decent pace, and done for a while daily.

But the most important thing is to train for lasting health and fitness – – not just for the six pack – – or the gals, hehe.

Take care of the former – and the latter will come anyway.

Other hand focus on the latter to the exclusion of the former … and well … I think I’ve made my point, haven’t I?

Enough said! If you’re training legs today – as you should – make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  Learn how to do Hindu squats correctly (as opposed to the horribly mangled form that seems to be all the rage out there) right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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