“Cousin quarantine more than 20 days into this”
- - how someone can be that proud of being a LARDASS - is BEYOND ME!

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Dear Reader,

Holy MOLY! I just saw “something” (I’m being a tad bit unkind by referring to a person’s brief video on social media as “something”) – – but hey, I think you’ll understand what I mean and why I say “something” when I explain fully.

But first, heads up, my friend.

I’ve just finished work on a new course – but this time of a DIFFERENT nature.

A course that puts together 25 solid tips on how to build a bone crushing grip – a grip that has an “unnatural pull to it – – a kung fu like grip — in short, everything I’ve mentioned in Gorilla Grip, but this time – -you get TIPS – -tips that you can work into ALL your workouts – – not just grip workouts!

These are written in a style very similar to what I send out in my daily emails – -and in the Fitness Central series – -and if you’re a fan of either, or both of those – this will be RIGHT up your alley.

The sales page for this will be coming up shortly – stay tuned!

Now, on to the main topic of today’s email.

After I finished the course, I decided to take a bit of a breather on this here Friday night, hehe, and brewed myself some Chinese style white tea.

(There in itself lies one tip and KEY to success -and yes, it holds as true for fitness as it does LIFE itself. You work, work, work until you make it – and THEN you relax – and even after you make it, you can nary afford to rest on your laurels, as success is matter of never ending application, my friend).

Pause to “roost” — and it takes wings and FLIES, but anyway, so while sipping on this tea, I was browsing through my wechat “moments” (akin to Facebook wall).

And suddenly amongst the usual junk of folks selling health supplmenents (think male health, hehe) – clothes – and the usual smorgasbord of lard inducing food and drinks – I saw something that made me literally sit up and say “WTFF???”

Pardon the double F, and pardon the language, but that was precisely my reaction. The title of the short video was in Chinese, and being I can’t read the characters, I translated it, and the usual hilarious translation came through – that being the title of this email, but hey, it got the point across!

Apparently this lady (my contact)’s cousin has been quarantined indefinitely and given China’s large scale lockdown of entire provinces and cities due to the Coronavirus (millions of people effectively confined to their homes for 99% of the time, and infected people 100% of the time) this shouldn’t come as any surprise.

And while we could debate forever on whether or not this curfew was a case of the horse done having long bolted before the stable door was even inspected and so forth – the point is the video.

Her “cousin” was an obese – grossly so – grossly times X – obesity personified young lady with not just one muffin top – but TWO.

You know what a muffin top is, don’t you?

That annoying layer of fat around your obliques which is often the hardest to lose and comes off LAST – and spills over jeans and other tight fitting clothes.

Well, this lady had that – but it paled in comparison to the muffin top ABOVE that – something that I’ve not quite seen before.

You know the fat that “folds” on the top of your stomach when you sit down, right?

Well, this was that and then some.

You get the picture – and what was astounding was this lady holding on to her layers of fat and “crooning” – I’m not going to get into what – but she was obviously in a strange sort of way “proud” of her obesity.

20 days?? Is that even enough time to gain more than a coupla kgs at most? I must admit it boggles the mind – this lady must have done nothing but eat, eat, eat – and perhaps drink too during her stay in “quarantine!”

And of course, the being proud part doesn’t come as a surprise. Think “body shaming” and all the other moronic comments being made in today’s politically correct world, and sad but true – but there are many folks globally who are in worse shape – NOT quarantined – and are equally “comfortable” with (or even flaunting) their obesity as being “natural”.

My foot.

Note there is nothing wrong with being naturally “big”. No-one is asking you to be “ripped” – indeed, that isn’t the best way – but obese?? And proud of it??

I think not, my friend. Hehe.

Anyway, the good news is, those of you that are 0 Excuses faithful never need to worry about being quarantined (in terms of fitness) – or reducing food intake etc while at home.

Or, running bazillion of miles around one’s own furniture to lose weight. I’ll have more on that in the future – a video recently went viral on Chinese social media of a man doing just that and actually losing a ton of weight while at it. Hey, whatever works!

Back to that lady – if she had even walked around the furniture a few times – I doubt that she would be in the sort of state she is now – especially in only 20 days, haha.

But then again, to each his/her own!

And I’ll end today’s email on that note. Be proud of and comfortable in your own skin – but ALWAYS be MAN – or woman – enough to admit your shortcomings – especially when it comes to being overweight or obese. That, my friend, is half the battle won!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I wonder if I should email Ms. Corpulence and let her know the link to 0 Excuses Fitness. Probably wouldn’t do any good telling her, so I’ll tell YOU, my dear reader – here is the System that will whip you into the best shape of your life in record time – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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