62 year old man sets plank RECORD
- Where is YOUR excuse??

Dear Reader,

Well, as I come down from the “high” of finishing Pushup Central (believe me, putting books out there on a regular basis can be a draining, yet incredibly rewarding task in many ways!) – – I happened to chance upon some interesting news.

Actually, the wife did, and she sent me link on Whatsapp.

I clicked it idly, and there it was “62 year old sets a world record for the plank”.

Now prior to this, my wife had sent me an audio note talking about a “plonk” (or something to that effect). While I have no idea why it was pronounced the way it was – probably the message goofed up or something (tech gremlins??) – – I spent the better part of 5 minutes trying to figure out what a “plonk” – or “plonche” as it sounded like could be.

Could have just asked her, of course but …. hehe, I think we all know the answer to that one (at least those of you that are married do, hehe).

Anyway, jokes aside, it finally hit me after a few minutes.

Oh, PLANK!! I said, and then as I read the article, I saw the headline.

A 62 year old Army (Marine, actually – my bad!) Vet from Naperville has set this record – of holding a plank – at his age – – for 8 hours – 15 minutes – and 15 seconds!

The article said he did it straight. No idea how bathroom breaks etc were taken care of, but hey – that sort of thing takes some doing, my friend – even if its “just a plank” (which by the way is a pose the average  Joe can’t hold for more than a few seconds if even that).

Now, why do I mention this?

First off, because planks are a great, great exercise for the entire body my friend – a great STATIC exercise at that. I wrote a couple of emails ago about static exercises providing you with an excellent workout, and the plank – done right – is NO exception to the rule.

And second, because if 62 year old George Hood can do it at HIS age – where is YOUR excuse, my friend?

We have folks that are barely out of their twenties complaining about feeling run down – tired – beat up – constantly in bed at the slightest sign of fatigue – constantly whining about “not having time to exercise” – or “there isn’t a gym nearby” … all while a 62 year old just DOES the thing – and sets world records!

A plank is easy for me to do – but 8 hours?? That’s more a feat of concentration than anything else – – not to mention the tremendous tricep and core strength it would build – – and looking at the arms on the dude – – I can believe it!

He has the same “heavy duty” look about him that my friend from the Marines has – – that same “gorilla like upper body” – – and how did he celebrate his feat? By pumping out 75 straight pushups.

Curiously enough, that, my friend is exactly what I did this morning as part of my workout.

I jumped rope for 15 minutes straight, did a 100 Hindu squats and 75 pushups. Stretched out a bit after that – – and I feel GREAT now. Oh yes, I do – – and this feeling will last me for the entire day.

And so can you, my friend – – you TOO can feel this good throughout the entire day – if you just kick start your day with the right form of exercise.

And pushups are one of the best way to jump start your day. The pushup is really one of those “feel good” exercises in that because of the increased blood flow to the chest and upper body – you sweat a lot more – and you burn fat – and you feel GREAT – for the entire day!

So if you aren’t already doing pushups – or don’t know how to do them (and the majority of people do NOT  do pushups right) – drop down right now – and give me 20!

And drop the excuses, my friend. They ain’t worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The very best course on pushups out there is finally live – and if what I said above interests you in the slightest – – you really MUST have at this one – – right here — https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

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