Bare bones training
- Back to basics!

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Dear Reader,

It should come as no surprise to you, my dear reader – and indeed the casual browser on the website, and indeed all my customers – that I’m a huge huge fan of the “K.I.S.S.” principle.

Keep it simple and stupid is my version of it and apparently the most widely used one, and no, I do NOT mean “stupid” in any sort of derogatory manner.

In other words – barebones – – and simple sometimes works best!

Flashback to RockyIII – where the champ (Rocky) is “training” (I use quotes for a reason) in a fancy shmancy gym with gals and machines galore vying for his attention and doing very little actual training – if any – at all!

And while he’s going through the motions and posing for photoshoots etc in the middle of “training session” with music playing no less, you have “Mr. T” – a solid LUMP of muscle if there ever was one training HARD – like he MEANT it – in barebones style – – in his dungeon!

You see him at one point doing two finger pull-ups – – fingers heavily taped.

You see looking into a dirty mirror and shadow boxing and “running on the spot” – or “sprinting on the spot”, should I say.

The outcome of the match is well known to all, and later on, as Apollo Creed whips Rocky back into shape – we see the champ walk into the gym where he’s about to be trained to “turn back into the beast he once was”

You see guys hitting the heavy bag while pipes leak. You see a dark training room with ONE bulb – about to fall out of its casing. And so forth.

And as Paulie rightly said “Rocko, lets get out of here before they kill us!”. Hehe.

I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner again, but you get my drift!

But those type of workouts, my friend – are really what get results.

When I slogged up the hill in the noon – or  multiple times in freezing cold weather in the A.M. – I didnt have no music playing (other than “Suave” on my phone occasionally – or perhaps “Angel of the City”, hehe). A lot of times not even that.

I didn’t have no trainers egging me on.

I didn’t have no “nice training environment”. No fancy clothes. Certainly no selfies or even gals. Nothing of that nature.

I had – to put it simply – what I had which was the clothes on my back – – a dark, deserted park – – cold, blustery winds – – and an ending flight of grim looking stairs.

And myself – and ME alone – and the will to get it done – and by God I did – day after day – in a SPARTAN training environment.

As Mike Tyson once famously said,

No one wants to get up at 4 and run when it’s pitch-dark, but it has to be done. The only reason i do it so early is because i believe the other guy isn’t doing it and that gives me a little edge.

Today, as folks ask me “if I go to the gym” –  or tell me ” I look like this movie star or that” – or other such comments – – I smile.

And think back to the bare bones, spartan training that I did – and still do!

In the book on pushups, you’ll see me training on a cement floor. Believe me, barefoot training on cement ain’t as easy as it looks – and when you do fingertip pushups on cement – watch out. Your fingers will turn into iron pliers, and then some.

You’ll see nothing on the walls.

You’ll see a couple of raggedy couches that we put there to get them out of the way.

You might even see that the tubelight in the room is missing – my own “Rocky in the dungeon” touch, hehe.

But guess what – I have got and continue to get some of the best darn workouts of my life in that room!

It isn’t a lot different from when I took the 0 Excuses Fitness videos. You see a rickety old air conditioner in that video – from the 80s probably – and so well did it run that I sweated up a storm during my workout – with A/C on, hehe.

But barebones gets results, my friend – and results are what I’ll deliver to YOU with my new book on pushups.

Pushup Central it is indeed, and the BEST DAMNED course on pushups out there – and that ain’t no exaggeration, mi amigo!

And thats it for now. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Everything accomplished in bare bones training style – -and environment is on FULL display in “Eat More – Weigh Less” – a course you must grab if you’re interested in what the title says. Do so right HERE –

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