Follow One Course Until Success
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Dear Reader,

Some of the things we tell our kids – and young ‘uns – the sayings we teach ’em in schools, at home etc –  as adults, the VERY VAST MAJORITY of adults would do well to follow them ourselves.

Or, “practice what we preach”, hehe. Thats one of those sayings, btw …

Recently I came upon an interesting saying written on my 6 year old’s school “clipboard” – – that being, “Follow one course until success”.

The first letter of each word was capitalized – – for obvious reasons – – and upon looking at it, I believe this is one of the most valuable value one can instil in a young mind – and – importantly, or just as importantly, foster the very same values – or rekindle them – in our adult minds.

As kids, we are goal oriented and FOCUSED than we believe.

Ever seen a three year throw a tantrum for, lets say, not being allowed to (or not being able to find ) his/her favorite chocolate – or candy bar?

Or when a six year old wants a toy BAD?

And so forth.

In all such cases, these kids usually end up getting exactly what they want – and are nigh persistent about it until they do, hehe. In other words that laser sharp focus is there – on what they WANT – not what they don’t want!

As adults, often times we have goals, but we quickly lose sight of this end goal when the going gets tough.

Truth be told, nothing worthwhile – super fitness included – was achieved without sacrifice, my friend – and without PERSISTENCE (as Napoleon Hill famously said, persistence is to a man’s character what carbon is to STEEL).

The same author also (equally) famously once said that the Universe does NOT give up the object or goal you’re trying to attain – until it deems you worthy of it. There are no shortcuts, and there is no cheating the Universe, my friend.

Sometimes (and I’m paraphrasing here) it seems there is a “hidden guide” that exists whose job it is to “trip us up” in all ways possible on our way to the goal – and to see if we can take it.

Once we do pass all the tests – and few do, my friend – a rarefied few – then – and only then – will Nature give up the object of your struggles to you!

From that point on, everything you wanted will literally flow to you – after you have proved yourself CAPABLE and worthy of taking – and bettering – whatever is thrown at ya – and this requires SUPER FOCUS, my friend.

Take fitness, for instance.

If your goal is to get rid of those six (or more) inches of unsightly flab hanging on to your abdomen – then you WORK towards the goal – and keep at it – no matter what.

You keep at it no matter how much people discourage you.

“Oh, you’ll never get there!” (in itself a great motivator as I once wrote about before).

You keep at it through rain, sun, shine and hail. You do what it takes. You make the sacrifices.

And all the time, what enables you to DO all this is your FOCUS – your focus on the END goal – and what you DO want.

Last, but certainly not least, it also means you don’t “chop and change” galore. When you’re on a certain fitness routine – give it TIME to work – in some case that time is literally less than a few days – but again – give it TIME to work.

If your goal is to eat more and weigh less, for instance, then DO the workouts – and stick to them without chopping and changing daily – in other words – – follow that one course until SUCCESS!

(Note – this doesnt mean you don’t make changes along the way as REQUIRED – key word being REQUIRED. Way too many people lack the resolve to SEE a fitness program through though – and that is what I’m referring to here!!)

These lessons apply as much to fitness as they do life, my friend.

Take a minute, and ponder it if you so would – proper focus will work miracles in all areas of your life – fitness included!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with proper focus the proper WORKOUTS are required – and contrary to what you might think (or have been told) – diet ain’t the most important part by far. That isn’t an excuse to go “bottoms up” of course, but the fact is, workouts are indeed king – and you can lose TONS of weight (while building functional MUSCLE) – and if you’re interested in regimens that will achieve exactly THAT effect – check out “Eat More – Weigh Less – -right here – –

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