You give me 20 minutes – I give YOU a six pack!
- - and it's easy, my friend. It's easy - if you just DO it!

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Dear Reader,

One of my all time favorites movies that I believed I’ve mentioned before is Training Day – with Denzel Washington as the main lead (Ethan Hawke I believe as the young rookie??).

In that movie Denzel plays a wizened, experienced, yet corrupt to the bone LAPD Narc – and he takes on a young trainee (Jake Hoyt) under his “wing” for ONE day – and ONE day alone to see “what he is made of” and if he can fit him into his squad.

Well, the story is interesting enough (even though it’s a “pot boiler’ish” flick of sorts – but a GOOD one – kudos Denzel) – and at one point, Denzel is trying to get the young rookie to take the blame for a shooting that he didn’t commit – all supposedly “for the team”.

“You give me 18 months, son”, Denzel intones, looking directly at Jake as the latter points a double barreled shotgun at him (the same gun that was used to shoot a person a minute or so ago).

“You give me 18 months – and I give you a career!”

“But if you’re in this with me Jake, you’re either in it all the way, or not at all – you understand?” he continues, with a very pointed look on his face.

And in terms of fitness, my friend – HERE is what I got to say – YOU give me 20 minutes of your time daily – and I’ll give you a six pack in record time – on YOU – guaranteed!!

No if’s, but’s or maybe’s. Provided you give me the time I asked for – I’ll get you that six pack and functional muscle all over your entire body. Guaranteed.

As I finished this morning’s workout – this thought came to me and I figured I’d write to you about it.

Oh, I forgot to mention – give me a jump rope as well – the cheap kind if you so choose, hehe – but even if you don’t – I’ll still get you that six pack. Haha.

What do I mean?

Well, today’s workout was 2000 jumps – done in 20 minutes. Pretty much done straight with the occasional few seconds break – and let me tell you this my friend – I was BUZZED after the workout.

My forearms and traps were screaming out LOUD – and I was sweating up a storm.

My shirt was drenched, and so were my socks. It was like I had been out running miles – or even climbing my favorite hill which I CAN’T at this point due to the lockdowns etc – but boy oh boy, did I get a GREAT workout in!

And believe me, these weren’t just the easy jumps – I did double jumps – criss crosses – and much more during this workout.

And lest you think any of that is overly complicated – think AGAIN, my friend. Even the rank newbie can get good at this very very quickly indeed – and although I have not put out a course on it as yet –  I am SERIOUSLY thinking about doing so.

By the way, although I have a ton of courses out there, they barely scratch the surface of what I know about training. Additionally, there is always more to talk about – more to LEARN – both for me and YOU – and those nitty gritties – those little things that you have to “experience” for yourself – well – all of that and more – as well as ADVICE from yours truly is available right there for the TAKING in my “inner circle” – or 0 Excuses Ship as I like to call it.

Those of you that have purchased multiple products from us (a big thank you, by the way!) will find this to be an awesome “steal“. Some of you have already jumped aboard – to you guys – well – ahoy – and kudos!

Anyway, as Denzel says, you gotta be in it all the way, my friend, or not at all .

I’m not conning you as Denzel was Hoyt – but I WILL tell you – the 0 Excuses Ship- and indeed all our products are only for the DOERS in life, my friend.

If you prefer to sit back and pout, moan, groan and complain about this and that – or not having time – or Coronavirus lockdowns – or “bad mood” – or any of that other nonsense – well – I can’t help you, my friend.

Other hand – if you get down to brass tacks – give me that time – and just do it – well – a WHOLE NEW world AWAITS, my friend – and it’s yours for the taking – right NOW!

Well, my friend, that is that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did I mention I finished off with 125 pushups? I didn’t have to, but damn, those workouts feel so good you wanna do more – and did more I did – in fact, I did a custom workout that I give YOU in Pushup Central – a course that has been flying off the shelves ever since I put it out a few days ago. I may not be able to offer it at the price it is being offered now – so go HERE and grab this little monster now – –

P.S#2 – Lots of folks in mainland China are moaning and groaning about gaining weight during the Coronavirus lockdown. Now I get it – lockdowns SUCK – hell, I can’t get to my favorite hill either – but that ain’t an excuse to turn into a slob, my friend. There are workout routines that you’ll never get bored of – with plenty of variety – that you can do right there in your living room. Take control of your life NOW, my friend – get on the stick right HERE –

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