“Are pushups good for a lot of muscles?”
- - and more on the PLANK

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Dear Reader,

So, just had an interesting conversation with a good friend and old “cohort”, hehe, who had apparently noticed my posts on social media about the plank – and of course Pushup Central.

He asked me about the Coronavirus in China, and we discussed that a bit. Differing opinions we had on that one, but in any case,we quickly got to talking about EXERCISE.

This guy, by the way is a 6’1″ former Army man – as well as wrestler – so you’d think he knows a thing or two about conditioning. Hehe.

“I didn’t contact you about the virus, Rahul, actually … ”

“Well thats good!” I responded, laughing. “I’m certainly no expert on the virus … ”

“Are planks good”, he abruptly followed up with. “I saw your recent posts regarding the plank, and … ”

“Can the plank be done with other exercises?”

“Planks are great”, I responded, smiling. “Did you hear the new about the ex-Marine breaking the record for the longest consecutive period of time spent in the plank position?”

“Sure did”, he responded.

“Planks are great”, I repeated. “But if there is ONE exercise I’d do – I’d do the pushup. If there is ONE exercise I’d choose – it’s the pushup. If there is ONE exercise that hits the ENTIRE body – it’s the PUSHUP!”

“Do pushups work a lot of muscles”, he asked.

“Hell yes they do! There is a reason boxers and wrestlers use them in their training … ”

There was more, of course, hehe, but I think you can guess what I told him.

“Thanks Rahul”, he replied. “I’m going to seriously consider your product – but I still think the best way to lose weight is to stop drinking a ton of beer”, he said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Can’t argue with THAT, my friend”, I laughed. “Especially not if you’re polishing off 5-6 large bottles of lager a day, hehe. Or whiskey, for that matter. If you’re serious about losing weight – – STOP drinking – period!”

Now, those of you that are regular readers will probably chime in at this point.

What gives, Rahul? What about Eat More – Weigh Less? What about the results you posted from following exactly what is being posted in that book?

Well the results are true, my friend – but it doesn’t mean that you can go “bottoms up” every night and still improve your health, my friend.

True health is from the INSIDE OUT – and while you WILL lose weight externally if you’re on Eat More Weigh Less routines, drinking too much is NOT good for your internal organs, regardless of the sort of external shape you’re in (or look to be in).

Anyway, I didn’t probe further on why he was asking me these questions – but I got it. Haha.

The Coronavirus lockdown in China has pretty much kept folks indoors for months on end – and people are getting antsy – and “acting strange” (he wasn’t – but a lot are) from being cooped up with nothing to do all day.

Funny part though is, a few GOOD home workouts would not only take care of the excess flab – but also the “antsy” part!

Trust me, my friend. I wrote to you this morning about how good I feel – and now – hours later – and it’s evening here – that feeling has NOT gone away, despite my NOT going out anywhere at all during the day.

Thats how good these workouts make you feel – and look, of course, hehe.

Especially pushups, my friend – and if you’re not already rifling through Pushup Central to find out what exactly the big deal is about – well – then – do so NOW – by grabbing the course right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t dilly, and don’t daddle my friend. Run on over to the link I just stated – and GET CRACKING ON the exercises – it truly will be one of the best investments you can make in your health, fitness and overall strength levels – from the inside out – for the LONG TERM! Here is the link again – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

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