The secret(s) to weight loss that you aren’t being TOLD
- - and how they can help you lose weight rapidly

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Dear Reader,

There is a secret to rapid fat loss – WEIGHT loss – over your entire body, and especially that pesky midsection area that you aren’t being told.

The “experts” aren’t telling you because most of them don’t know about it themselves. And if they did, they’d sneer at it despite the solid proof that it WORKS.

Ditto for commercial gyms, relatives, friends – and just about whoever you reveal this secret (or should I say secrets) to.

But mark my words my friend (and I learned this the HARD way) – this is KEY to reducing FAT in the fastest possible amount of time – while making VERY little – or even NO change to your diet – and believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

I’ve been in the situation where I was working out – gaining muscle – getting better – but still, there was something missing.

I wasn’t getting my midsection in the sort of shape I wanted. I’d try and watch what I ate (not to an extreme), and while that worked to a degree – it never really accomplished the REAL results I wanted (think rapid weight loss from a portly 120 kgs – to a slim, svelte and STRONG 60 kgs – NO, that ain’t an exaggeration either!).

And before you jump on this as being “yet another marketing message” for Eat More – Weigh Less – well – HOLD YER HORSES, my friend.

While the above manual is an INDISPENSABLE tool in your fitness and weight loss arsenal, the point is this – – it isn’t the entire secret.

The secret isn’t what you eat – or watching your calories, or even so much WHEN you eat.

While workouts DO factor into the secret (obviously huh), they are NOT the full secret – and NOT in the way you’d think.

No, it’s a combination of various factors – – and this is something I’ve never written about before fully in my books and courses. I have no idea why, by the way. I’ve always been meaning to do it, but …

Anyway, due to the sheer number of people asking me about these things – and exercises etc – I figure I’m going to go into detail on this one “combo tip” in the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship – and back it up with facts. So for those of you that are really interested in supreme health, fitness and VITALITY levels – sign up now – you’ll never regret it!

On other fronts, Pushup Central seems to disappearing off the shelves as fast as we can restock – good thing it’s an electronically delivered book so we don’t have to physically restock. If you haven’t yet gotten your paws on it – do so NOW, my friend.

And that’s that for now. I will be back again soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of secrets, Eat More – Weigh Less (and indeed even the 0 Excuses Fitness system) reveals another one that is NOT talked about in contemporary fitness circles – – that being how to RECOVER from being out of breath – quicker. No more panting “for ages” until you finally get back to it – once you master this secret – you’ll be recovering from them sprints like no-one’s business! Grab the courses  here – and HERE –

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